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Being Christian in a Hindu Nation

Hindu nation

Pastor Aki and his wife Sama are the leaders of the Evangelism in Nagaland project in India. They primarily work within their state of Nagaland to encourage, train, and disciple the Christians in the Word of God there. Most people in Nagaland identify as Christian. Overall, India is largely a Hindu nation.

Blessed by the church he leads, Pastor Aki gets the opportunity to do ministry trips to areas of India where Christianity is not the majority. He made a few such trips recently and reported back to Live Global how they went.

Encouraging Believers in Hindu Village

Hindu nationPastor Aki heard about a new Christian convert living in a majority Hindu village. Sadly, the Hindus (being blinded to the truth), chased this man out of his home, damaged it, and even ostracized this new believer's parents. But praise God that He provided this Christian a new home in a new village and a new job. He and his wife have a small income, but God is providing for these new Christians living in a largely Hindu nation.


God especially provided spiritual encouragement from pastor Aki when he arrived at their residence to pray with them and teach them from God's Word.

Training Others to Do Ministry in a Hindu Nation

Hindu nationPastor Aki also recently took a trip with eight people from his church, including a few youths, to teach them how to do evangelism. This is so important because believers in India, which is largely a Hindu nation, live in a land full of gospel opportunities. In the village they visited, they were able to share the gospel and build relationships the villagers over tea and biscuits.

Trips like this one serve a multi-fold purpose and we pray that God will work in the hearts and lives of those who shared the gospel and those who heard.


Work in Nagaland is challenging, but pastor Aki aims to build a spiritually multiplying church that will soon reach beyond India's borders.

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  • Pray for Pastor Aki as he shares the gospel in neighboring regions that people’s hearts would be open.
  • Pray for wisdom as Pastor Aki’s church spreads the Gospel to their neighbors.
  • Pray for the youth events and that many would come and hear of the gospel.
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