Youth Ministry at a Refugee Camp

Youth Ministry

Wow! Can you imagine what it would be like to run a youth ministry at a refugee camp in the Middle East? (The word “youth” in the Middle East usually means teenagers and people in their young 20s.) To shine some light and hope into their lives must be incredible. And this wasn’t a Westerner’s idea.

Abdul Begins with Youth Ministry

Abdul, a young man from the Middle East, decided to begin this youth ministry through the Holy Spirit’s leading in his own life. Abdul is a young believer living in a big city in the Middle East. He used to work for several non-profits there. Because of his love for the Lord, he decided to begin a youth ministry in one of the biggest refugee camps in the area. Praise God for the time he had to teach the gospel to the young ones who were obviously in a very difficult and broken situation.

Bubu and Bahiti Disciple Abdul

Abdul met Bubu and Bahiti, leaders of the Discipling Believers (North Africa) project, just less than a year ago. Abdul went through their discipleship training program in North Africa. He gained some new leadership skills and has a newfound passion for equipping leaders of the next generation in Arabic countries.

Abdul is a worship leader in local churches and is so excited to tell young people in the Middle East and North Africa about Jesus. He looks forward to traveling the region to encourage suffering churches and to recruit the youth to be trained.

Global Partnership Is Key

This is what global partnership is about. Bubu and Bahiti disciple nationals like Abdul. Together they pray about God’s will for their ministries. And we Westerners pray for them too. We get to partner with them from afar to pray for them and, as God might lead, support them financially to continue doing the work God has called them to in their countries.

Bubu and Bahiti call and disciple North African believers in their twenties to become reliable leaders in their local churches. They live among the people, learn their language, become friends with the local leaders, and invite the teenagers of the local evangelical churches to evangelistic summer camps and discipleship winter camps.

Even the most outgoing national Christian communities in North Africa were facing massive challenges to disciple and equip young grown-ups to become the leaders of the next generation church.

In 2008, Ben and Burgi began a yearly, multi-lingual, nine-month training program for young potential church and mission leaders. Over the years many of their students have become full-time pastors, youth and worship leaders, and church planters in various countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

One month's rent for the training center - $200
Video projector for evangelism - $250
One evangelism kit (chocolate bar + Bible) - $15