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An Open Door at a Used Clothing Stand

Used clothing stand

What a joy when your disciples begin to make other disciples. This is the case for Bubu and Bahiti, workers in North Africa and leaders of the Discipling Believers project.

Bubu's and Bahiti's life's work is to glorify God by building into North African young people. The goal is that the young Christian leaders who "graduate" from their discipleship program will go on to reach more of their own people with the gospel. In a dark land, this is a strategic way to reach the nations.

Bubu's and Bahiti's Disciple Takes to the Streets

One of Bubu's and Bahiti's North African disciples recently led an outreach in a village near where he lives. As a team, they prayed fervently in a local church for the youth and families of the village. This disciple said,

We prayed until we had the confidence that God had opened all the closed doors to us sharing the message.

Praying for open doors

So the team took to the streets. A few of them approached some young people in the village to speak to them about Jesus. (This is risky in a Muslim country!) And soon they found that open door at a used clothing stand.

Meeting an Open Door at a Used Clothing Stand

At one used clothing stand, Bubu's and Bahiti's disciple and his team spoke with all kinds of people about Jesus. While they were talking, a young man came near who wanted to buy some clothes. After he did, the disciple asked him if they could talk. And we'll let him tell you the rest of the story.

"Of course, yes. Why not? Let's talk," he answered. I introduced myself and he did too. His name is the same as mine! While we were talking, God opened the door for me to share the message with him. Amazing for me was was his reaction after I had shared the gospel with him.

He said to me, "Do you know that Jesus sent you to me?" "Why do you say that?," I asked. He continued, "Yesterday I was about to die but God gave me my life back."

He told me he was sitting in a public bus when the car suddenly capsized with all the passengers to die. In that very second for the first time he began to ask himself what would happen if he died right now. Where would he end up? In heaven or hell?

Two seconds later the bus stopped and came back on its wheels. That's a miracle. Then he added, "God gave me life back to meet you and hear your message. I know that Jesus loves me. Can you pray with me?" I asked him, "Here and now?" Enthusiastically he said, "Yes, here and now!"

A new child was born on the streets of this village. This is not standard for this place. But almost every day I see amazing things happening. And His kingdom grows!



North Africa is largely hostile to the Gospel. Yet amidst the difficulty, God is raising up young nationals to know Him and lead ministries in His name.

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