Three Interns, Three Visions for Jesus in the Middle East


Every year, Bubu and Bahiti work with a group of interns—young Middle Eastern adults—to disciple them and raise them up as evangelists. As the Holy Spirit works in each of the interns, Bubu and Bahiti get a front row seat to what God does in their lives.

Every year, God calls the interns to different projects, but one mission to reach the Middle East for Christ. Here are just three of the interns’ stories.

Raameen Starts Evangelical Kindergarten


Raameen combined her passion for Jesus and children as the Lord led her to begin an evangelical kindergarten in an industrial suburb in the Middle East. Her dream to reach out to more than hundred children every day will slowly come true. Kids from poor families in the neighborhood get a chance to hear the gospel for the first time. Their young moms are introduced to the truth that can set them free for all eternity.

Yasseen and Maawa Reach Their Neighbors

Yasseen and Maawa share their lives with the village people in their area of town in the Middle East. They spend most of the day with young adults and young families. This summer they will come with fifty teenagers to one of Bubu and Bahiti’s evangelistic youth camps. During his internship, Yasseen decided to reach out to more than twenty-five small towns as well. He and Maawa need your prayers.

Sabah Shares Christ with Young Women

Sabah lives on a minefield. She compassionately shares the good news with young women who don’t necessarily have a Christian background. Every of her contacts and meetings are done by faith in a God who does miracles. She needs your prayers.

Bubu and Bahiti call and disciple North African believers in their twenties to become reliable leaders in their local churches. They live among the people, learn their language, become friends with the local leaders, and invite the teenagers of the local evangelical churches to evangelistic summer camps and discipleship winter camps.

Even the most outgoing national Christian communities in North Africa were facing massive challenges to disciple and equip young grown-ups to become the leaders of the next generation church.

In 2008, Ben and Burgi began a yearly, multi-lingual, nine-month training program for young potential church and mission leaders. Over the years many of their students have become full-time pastors, youth and worship leaders, and church planters in various countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

One month's rent for the training center - $200
Video projector for evangelism - $250
One evangelism kit (chocolate bar + Bible) - $15