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summer camp 2017

It's that time of year again! Bubu and Bahiti, leaders of the Discipling Believers project in North Africa, are gearing up for summer camp in 2017.

Summer camp is one of their main outreach efforts to youth in North Africa who don't yet know Jesus. Camps are hosted in several different countries in the Middle East and traditionally it's proven to be an incredible time of growth and learning for the teens and young adults who attend.

What Is Camp Like?

Camps are led largely by Bubu and Bahiti's national disciples. These leadership teams are comprised of North Africans who have a shared passion for Jesus and desire to make Christ known in their countries.

Each day is full of teaching time, conversation, worship, games, activities, sports, and so much more.

To get an idea of what a day in the life might look like, read about this youth camp Bubu and Bahiti held last winter.

Who Goes to Camp?

There are three main groups of people attending summer youth camps in North Africa: campers, national leaders, and volunteers like you!

Campers come from all over North Africa to attend these camps and many of them leave with a new understanding of Jesus' sacrifice for sin.

National Leaders have been raised up by Bubu and Bahiti to carry the evangelism load in their countries and to the next generation.

And, volunteers are Americans who love Jesus and are able to dedicate a few weeks over the summer to a short-term mission trip in North Africa to help facilitate camps.

When is Summer Camp in 2017?

This year, there are four camps held throughout the summer. The first is for whole families, and the remaining three are just geared toward youth.

Do you envision yourself as a volunteer at one of these four camps? We would love to give you more information! Fill out our contact form to request a follow-up.


North Africa is largely hostile to the Gospel. Yet amidst the difficulty, God is raising up young nationals to know Him and lead ministries in His name.

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  • That God would multiply and expand his church in the Middle East in the face of difficult opposition to Jesus.
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