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Servants Going Out in the Middle East

servants going out Middle East

In a small apartment high in a tan tower among thousands in a desert city, something sacred happened. A group gathered in a circle as spiritual parents laid their hands on the heads of graduates. It was an act of blessing to accompany their prayer. "The moment had something of the early years of missions," Aquila explained. "The Kingdom is built, people sent out, new people prepared, and many ask themselves where they can be useful in God's hands." Aquila and Priscilla lead a team of passionate, committed servants going out in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA).

"The air was filled with excitement and holiness, holy because we all sensed that the Lord Himself was at work."

- Aquila

A Spiritual Family Supports Servants Going Out

In a region of tribes, family matters. The staff, students, interns, and partners of the ministry in the MENA feel "the joy of belonging to one family." Nine new students graduated from three months of intensive training. Now they enter six months of guided internship. Their spiritual family will teach them, encourage them, assist them, pray with them, and walk with them. This prepares them for long-term fruitful ministry in the MENA region. The family members have been through training, internship, mentoring, and ministry in the region.

"Looking back on two big training classes, two staff retreats and many camps," Aquila says, "the year 2022 has been the most fruitful of the last 13 years in Egypt and Lebanon."

Going Out of Egypt into the MENA

From the safety of the circle of blessing and prayer, servants are going out and into least-reached communities within Majority regions. Aquila asks, "Would you pray for our new group of fieldworkers as they enter an internship of challenging tasks in Egypt, Lebanon, Türkiye  and Sudan?

Learn more HERE and pray for Aquila and Priscilla and the MENA team.

If you or your church would like to get involved to help servants going out in the Middle East, let us know. We would love to have you stand in the circle with us and send them out. You can give a gift here.

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


North Africa is largely hostile to the Gospel. Yet amidst the difficulty, God is raising up young nationals to know Him and lead ministries in His name.

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  • Pray for God to give wisdom in planning how to respond to the flow of refugees from war-torn areas.
  • That God would provide for the urgent need of ministry tools
  • Pray for the refugee ministry among Syrian refugees—that God would provide all the resources.
  • Pray for the family camps led by young Middle Eastern believers—especially as they minister among hopeless people in devastated countries.
  • That God would lead the interns in His will for their life and give them wisdom and safety as they go
  • That God would multiply and expand his church in the Middle East in the face of difficult opposition to Jesus
Interested in going to North Africa to see firsthand what God is doing, and also use your gifts and serve?

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