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Personal Experience of God's Unconditional Mercy and Grace

Throughout the past year, life and ministry in the Middle East have gone through many changes and adaptations. But through it all God has continued to raise up national men and women from Middle Eastern countries to serve and lead their own people to the Lord.

The Blessing of Online Training

In the middle of it all, Bubu and Bahiti are on the front lines of training and discipling young Middle Eastern men and women to do the work God has called them to.

Because of the virus, Bubu and Bahiti conduct all of their trainings online now, and while it's not their preferred method, God has provided this means for them to continue the work He's asked of them. And, Bubu and Bahiti are praising God for the timing of the online trainings, because the current session is full of families with young kids who are attending schools of all different languages. The online trainings allow the parents to stay with their kids while they are in class.

"The fellowship was deep and - most importantly - we could see how God uses the Internet to speak powerfully to each of our hearts. Thank you for walking with us in prayer," Bubu and Bahiti said.

Most of all, these parents praise the Lord for the community of other families of believers in ministry in their cultural context because loneliness is often one of the biggest struggles Bubu and Bahiti hear about when families enter full-time ministry.

From the Classroom to the Mission Field

For Bubu and Bahiti, they get to watch as the people they've trained take their first steps on the ministry field, whether it be working with refugees or young people from war-torn countries. "What a privilege it is to walk with them as they make first field experiences," Bubu and Bahiti said.

Online training continues to persevere and Bubu and Bahiti shared with us the heart behind what they teach:

We walked yesterday into the fourth week of online training: Romans and the Centrality of Salvation by Grace. The first three weeks of training had a more personal character with topics related to challenges on the field and in daily life. This week the group will go deeper into text study and research. Without the fundamental understanding and application of Salvation no fieldworker will make it on the long run. The personal experience of God's unconditional Mercy and Grace is actually the only driving force when going through difficult cross-cultural situations.

Two Years Later

N* went to our training in fall 2019. A year later her younger sister D* followed in her footsteps. Both are on fire for the kingdom and reach daily out to many young ladies. When they heard about the big number of war-orphaned refugee kids in North Uganda, they immediately came forward to be sent there. But we felt uncertain whether to send two young Egyptian women to a foreign African country.

But in April 2021 we want to send N* and D* to a more local country to share God's saving love among these refugee kids. April and May will be a kind of pioneering and exploring experience for these two young women. During these weeks we will ask the Lord for directions whether they should stay and serve for a longer period of time or move forward in taking steps toward Africa.

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


North Africa is largely hostile to the Gospel. Yet amidst the difficulty, God is raising up young nationals to know Him and lead ministries in His name.

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  • Pray for God to give wisdom in planning how to respond to the flow of refugees from war-torn areas.
  • That God would provide for the urgent need of ministry tools
  • Pray for the refugee ministry among Syrian refugees—that God would provide all the resources.
  • Pray for the family camps led by young Middle Eastern believers—especially as they minister among hopeless people in devastated countries.
  • That God would lead the interns in His will for their life and give them wisdom and safety as they go
  • That God would multiply and expand his church in the Middle East in the face of difficult opposition to Jesus
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