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Discipling Believers with Aquila and Priscilla

North Africa
Discipling believers in North Africa
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About Discipling Believers with Aquila and Priscilla

North Africa is largely hostile to the Gospel. Yet amidst the persecution, God is raising up young nationals to know Him and lead churches and ministries in His name. From their training center, they go out to countries across the region to places where they are uniquely gifted to serve with their appearance, language, and cultural understanding.

The leaders of this project, Aquila and Priscilla, focus on discipling North African and Middle Eastern believers so that the nationals can go on to lead churches and ministries among their own people in this region. Aquila and Priscilla do it primarily through summer camps, English camps, and a nine-month internship program designed for intense discipleship. As a result of Aquila and Priscilla's North African ministry to young people, God has raised up dozens of nationals who love Jesus and desire to proclaim His name in their cities and countries alongside their local church.

Meet the Leaders: Aquila and Priscilla

Aquila and Priscilla disciple North African believers in their twenties to become reliable leaders in their local churches. They live among the people, learn their language, become friends with the local leaders, and invite the teenagers of the local evangelical churches to evangelistic summer camps and discipleship winter camps.

In 2008, Aquila and Priscilla began a yearly, multi-lingual, nine-month training program for young potential church and mission leaders. Over the years many of their students have become full-time pastors, youth and worship leaders, and church planters in various countries in North Africa and the Middle East.
*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.

Latest Updates from Discipling Believers with Aquila and Priscilla

Three Interns, Three Visions for Jesus in the Middle East

As the Holy Spirit works in each of the interns, Aquila and Priscilla get a front row seat to what God does. Every year, God calls them to different projects.

harvest field refugees
Harvest Field in Middle East a Strategy to Reach Refugees

One of their former discipleship interns, Aban, lives in the Middle East and is carrying the gospel to a new open harvest field in the region!

Used clothing stand
An Open Door at a Used Clothing Stand

"We prayed until we had the confidence that God had opened all the closed doors to us sharing the message." They found the door at a used clothing stand.

Prayers answered at camp
Prayers Answered for Youth Camp

We saw your prayers answered for youth camp. We enjoyed such a unity among our team that most of the young campers had life-changing encounters with God.

foreigners not able to go
God Uses Partnerships in North Africa

They visit dangerous areas where foreigners would not be able to go. They reach out to the young generation that has no idea about who God really is.

Encounters with Jesus at Youth Camp
Youth Campers Experience Encounters with Jesus

Fifty young adults studied the Bible and looked for answers to the most important questions of life. And many experienced encounters with Jesus.

Uncertainty in North Africa
Uncertainty in North Africa

Aquila and Priscilla share with us the urgency they sense to continue sharing Jesus in the midst of high uncertainty in North Africa.

Hope for stories of pain
Heart-Moving Stories of Pain

They long to see North Africans and Middle Easterners come to know Jesus personally so that they can experience their stories of pain transformed.

Coptic church
Praying for Work Among Coptic Families

We need to be faithful in prayer, especially as work continues among Coptic families in North Africa. Here's a specific request from Aquila and Priscilla.

Biblical role of men
Jesus Prevails Through Clashes Regarding the Biblical Role of Men

When we train future husbands in servant leadership and on the biblical role of men, we mostly reap suspicion, but the good news is that Jesus is stronger.

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  • Pray for God to give wisdom in planning how to respond to the flow of refugees from war-torn areas.
  • That God would provide for the urgent need of ministry tools
  • Pray for the refugee ministry among Syrian refugees—that God would provide all the resources.
  • Pray for the family camps led by young Middle Eastern believers—especially as they minister among hopeless people in devastated countries.
  • That God would lead the interns in His will for their life and give them wisdom and safety as they go
  • That God would multiply and expand his church in the Middle East in the face of difficult opposition to Jesus
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