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The Old Proven Tool

The Old Proven Tool

From clothing to music, to movies, it seems like young people across the globe are fascinated by American culture! There's especially a draw to learning English.

Inserting English phrases in a conversation, or texting them to a friend is fun socially. And being able to say "Speaks English" on a resume is an extreme advantage in the corporate world for sure.

So, our national partners in the Middle East are capitalizing on this for the glory of God.

The Old Proven Tool

Bubu and Bahiti are running an English youth camp, but in a traditional Arabic environment. Nearly each young Middle Easterner eagerly wants to learn English. They're interested to get any help available to develop their language skills.

The old and proven tool of English camps is just the right thing to get to know each other and to build a solid friendship relation.

Life, Death, and Eternity

Small group discussions are the driving force during every of the five camp days. Bubu and Bahiti and the other camp leaders always use questions and topics related to life, death, and eternity. And these young people are eager to join in!

One young man knocked on Bubu's door during lunch break one day. He wanted to tell him something very important, sat on the edge of his bed, and started to cry.

"God is very present here," he said, "last night He moved my heart so much, and He called me. I want to become His full-time servant. Can you help me with that?" Yes!


North Africa is largely hostile to the Gospel. Yet amidst the difficulty, God is raising up young nationals to know Him and lead ministries in His name.

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  • That God would provide for the urgent need of ministry tools
  • Pray for a new music ministry among Syrian refugee kids—that God would provide all the resources.
  • Pray for the family camps led by young Middle Eastern believers—especially as they minister among hopeless people in devastated countries.
  • That God would lead the interns in His will for their life and give them wisdom and safety as they go
  • That God would multiply and expand his church in the Middle East in the face of difficult opposition to Jesus
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