Missions in Spain

God is working in Spain. National, indigenous Christian leaders are doing missions in Spain to share the gospel with their own people, plant churches, and disciple believers. While many people associate Spain with staunch Catholicism, the last several decades have actually seen a sharp increase in secularism. Recent polls show that 28% of people identify as either atheist or agnostic, and that atheism is the fastest growing faith conviction in the country. The overall attitude of many Spaniards is either anti-religious, or simply indifferent to matters of faith. Despite everyday challenges, high-impact missions in Spain are possible and thriving as national believers who know the culture, language, and opportunities lead the way.

What’s Your Role?

Our national partners invite you to join them in mission in Spain. Through praying, giving, and serving in specific ways alongside our national partners (either on your own, with a small group, or with your entire church), you can have impact in Spain. Get to know our national partners doing missions in Spain.

We'd love to get to know you and discuss how God is calling you.

Partners & Projects

Partners & Projects

Christian Retreats with Andres & Isa

Andres and Isa minister to fellow Christians by equipping them with Biblical teaching and giving them a place for them to experience the goodness of God.
Partners & Projects

New Page Ministries

After their radical conversion, Ingrid and Bo reach people in Alicante Spain and also online, through biblical counseling, hospitality and a media ministry.