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About Community of Joy

The Community of Joy is making an impact in the heart of one of India’s most massive districts. Sitting prominently in the 10-40 window and bustling with millions of people—this country is full of the unreached. Through church planting and rescue work, God is using the Community of Joy in India to establish more than 300 churches throughout the region. Praise God that over the past 10 years, we've seen thousands of individuals come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Live Global's sister ministry, Bold Hope, serves the Community of Joy by facilitating a way for North Americans to sponsor the rehabilitation of a child that's connected. Child sponsorship provides HOPE and a future to children around the globe who might otherwise find themselves in desperate situations. Your sponsorship quite literally has the power to impact them for eternity.

Child Sponsorships

Meet the Pastor: Nadhir

Pastor Nadhir is on the leadership team for Community of Joy and also pastors one of the church campuses.
*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.

Latest Updates from Community of Joy

play a game on the floor
How Partnership in B City Reaches the Stomach and Heart

By the Lord’s direction, Community of Joy purchased a building in B City, a community with no church or Christian presence.

Children with Special Needs
Children with Special Needs: Ready, Set, Shine

When families have children with special needs, is it a sign of bad karma? Punishment? One partnership is ready to shine God's love.

Examples of God's Mighty Work

This church in India has experienced some of the best examples of God's mighty saving and sanctifying work throughout the past year.

Covid wave 2 in India
Navigating COVID Wave 2 in India

Our partners there working on planting churches in India call it a time of disease, death, distance, and difficulty.

Communities COVID-19
COVID-19: 3 Communities God Sees

3 Communities impacted by COVID19 know people who know the true God. He sees their needs, can provide, & can heal. Find out how to join in the work.

Beautiful Offerings

When exploited youth found hope in a loving Heavenly Father, they wanted to give Him offerings. With so little to give, they sacrificed to give him their best.

made well
Where Many Are Made Well

This medical clinic has earned the reputation of being the place "where many are made well." People will travel for more than an hour to get there.

new song of praise
"He Put a New Song in My Mouth"

Let's pray that God will continue to give new life in Christ and a new song of praise to many more victims of the sex trafficking industry in India.

brother prays
When a Brother Prays

Sai asked the rest of the ministry to pray for his brother to have the courage to make a commitment to follow Christ completely.

Sajay Experiences God Who Sets the Captive Free

Those involved with this ministry experience the blessing too when they watch people they've ministered to set free by the love of Christ.

Make a Difference

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  • Ask God to send more nationals as missionaries to plant more churches in India.
  • Pray that God would heal broken people through Christ.
  • Pray for continued safety and wisdom for this church that is loving their community.
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"The Spirit of the Lord God is on Me, because the Lord has anointed Me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and freedom to the prisoners; to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor, and the day of our God’s vengeance; to comfort all who mourn." (Isaiah 61:1-2)