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CLAY Center: Sports Ministry

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About CLAY Center: Sports Ministry

The CLAY (Changing Lives Among Youth) Center in Thailand uses sports to reach university students, local schools, and children in various homes/orphanages for Christ. The CLAY Center hopes and prays that through sports ministry, more young Thai men will give their lives to Christ and then begin to take leadership roles in local Thai churches.

Although the CLAY Center will work with both men and women, the focus is on men right now because there are not many men in the churches and there aren’t many ministries in Thailand that are reaching men.

For Christmas, national leaders of the CLAY Center lead teams to the border of Myanmar and Thailand, where Myanmar refugees congregate. They'll bring warm clothes, blankets, school supplies, refugee kits, medicine, and food, plus they'll set up a projector using a generator to show the JESUS film.

Latest Updates from CLAY Center: Sports Ministry

Robbers and the CLAY center
How God Used Robbers to Provide CLAY Center with New Land

God supplied someone to purchase the land, which kept these robbers from being able to steal it, and God had worked through these evil men for good.

CLAY center games day
Games Day Outreach Draws a Crowd!

The point of the games day event is to give glory to Christ for His work on the cross that makes it possible for one to have a relationship with God.

How much?
You’re Giving Us How Much? (A New Home)

It’s hard not to have a place to call “home.” The CLAY Center staff have been searching and praying for months that God would either provide the money to buy property for the center, or better yet, that someone would just give them the land as a gift. In Thailand, prices for land are getting […]

Broken Families: The Other Side of Sex Slavery

If you think of the sex industry in Thailand, you probably picture a red light district full of bars, scantily clad women, and young men and women selling themselves to strangers. And appropriately, your heart breaks. But there’s another, more discreet and heart breaking than the first side of sex trafficking. Thai families are often […]

Planning for the Future: the CLAY Center

These are the future plans for the CLAY Center. There will be ample space to connect with youth and university students! Sports outreach provides a unique way to connect with people—especially men—who are desperately needed in Thailand to provide Godly leadership in the national churches. Ask for God to provide the finances the CLAY Center […]

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    • Pray that God would restore families in Thailand through the CLAY Center.
    • Pray for relationships to build and grow through the CLAY Center.
    • Pray for the CLAY Center building to be completed quickly.
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