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Outreach in the City Dump

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About Outreach in the City Dump

Lazaro Suruy is involved in ministering to the marginalized in Guatemala. He does evangelism in the city dump of El Tejar and also feeds the people there. He does outreach in El Eucalipto,an area known for drugs and gang violence. He does outreach in Los Pinos,an area designated by the government for women who have been separated from their husbands because of abuse.

He also feeds the police and does outreach at the police station. He does outreach in other areas of the city as well. He holds a youth devotional and church service on Wednesdays and also a church service on Sunday, all at his home.

Meet the Leader: Lazaro Suruy

Lazaro became a believer when he was 17 years old. A missionary led him to Lord. Lazaro grew up in a dump and had abusive and alcoholic parents. He said that the first time anybody told him they loved him was when Marsha told him, “Jesus loves you.”

He went to Living Water Bible Seminary for three years and felt his call to the ministry when he was 20. He married his wife Glendy at 23. They had a small business after they got married that eventually failed.

Lazaro said there was a time in his life where he was desiring to go after money and essentially was ignoring the call of ministry from God. The Lord corrected him and he and Glendy spent 12 years pastoring a church in the mountains and doing children’s ministry. The area he was serving in was described by other missionaries as a “Cemetery for missionaries/pastors” because of the persecution in this area towards Christians.

Eventually Lazaro and Glendy moved and Lazaro pastored a church while Glendy worked in a feeding program. They moved on to begin their own church in 2019. Lazaro and Glendy have two adult children, Josh and Marsha.

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    • Pray that the Guatemalan people in hard situations will hear the Gospel, believe, and be saved.
    • Pray that God would lead Lazaro in his ministry and in his church plant and that He would give Lazaro wisdom on when to pursue building a church building.
    • Pray for provision for Lazaro and his family.
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