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Hope on Trinidad

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Pastor Arron counsels people struggling with substance abuse. He understands, because he was once a troubled teenager caught up in a life of alcoholism and marijuana addiction. But Arron found hope when his praying mom invited him to a revival meeting at her church. He met Jesus, and now he works to share hope on Trinidad and to help other people find freedom in Christ.

Challenges to finding hope on Trinidad

“2021 has been a rough year for us but God has been using us.”

Imagine living on an island that has been closed since the pandemic started.  You would think that everything would be great since the country hasn't been letting people in.  

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  People living in Venezuela, a country in South America, have been fleeing to Trinidad.  There are just eleven miles of ocean between the two countries.

Pastor Arron and his church started out the year as the only church in his area that was allowed to minister in the local primary school.  In March, they started a Bible club for the children. 

Switching gears for students

Covid lockdowns made Pastor Arron switch gears.  His partnering church in the United States raised funds to purchase tablets for students, so they could still meet virtually.  

“Even though we were online, we have seen God grow this ministry.  We now minister to 67 children consistently.” 

Pastor Arron is such a blessing to these children.  Would you pray for Pastor Arron and his wife Carrille to reach more people with the good news of freedom in Jesus?

You can help in this work to share Christ with families caught in the emptiness of addiction.


He and his family have a heart to spiritually care for their church body and to see it grow.

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Make a Difference

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  • Pray for wisdom and endurance for Arron and his family as they serve
  • Pray for their church to grow and for people in their community to come to Christ and be transformed into His likeness.
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