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About Church Planting and Bible Institute

In 2013, Pablo and Lisette Ramirez moved to Antofagasta, Chile with their family. They started a church in their rented house. As the church grew, they rented larger houses. Their church began supporting foreign missionaries and continues to do so, growing their faith and commitment.

In 2017, the church began a Bible institute that follows a three-year cycle of classes. The first group of students graduated in 2020!

The church is saving money and praying for the opportunity to buy land and build a church building.

The growing church under their care is ready to help start other churches in their region. During the pandemic they have held many open-air services.

Meet the Pastor: Pablo Ramierez

Pablo was brought up in a Christian home. As a child, an older cousin often told him bedtime stories of God's plan of salvation. He received Christ as his Savior at age five. Lisette also came to faith in Jesus as a child.

Pablo attended a Bible institute in Santiago, Chile when he was sixteen. Even as a teenager, he felt drawn to missions, but wasn't supported by others when he shared his hopes. Later, at age 24, while preparing for a career in banking, God renewed that stirring in his heart. Pablo felt called to serve in ministry during a missions conference. Pablo then studied at a seminary and then followed God's direction to Antofagasta, Chile alongside his wife and family.

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    • Pray for Pablo, his wife, and their four children for strength, safety, and wisdom
    • Pray for the church they planted to grow in numbers and faith.
    • Pray for more students to get equipped for ministry at the Bible institute Pablo started.
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