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How Partnership Helps Plant Churches

Physically Separate, Spiritually Connected

Our Chilean ministry partner Julio serves church planters in a Caribbean Island nation that is near the USA on the map, but political systems separate these neighbors. God is working there in amazing ways through indigenous believers. One of the ways God is working is in the growth of small groups of disciples in local churches.

Chilean and North American churches provide support for the church planters through partnership with the Adelphos missionary agency that Julio serves.

Rejoicing in the Harvest

The pastors share frequent reports with Julio. One pastor recently reported the growth of his new congregation. About 20 people are gathering for worship services. He and his wife are ministering to more than 50 people in their neighborhood and are discipling eight new believers.

They have used cell phone messaging apps to communicate with their church family during the pandemic. The church is growing despite hardened spiritual and religious beliefs that oppose the Gospel. They pray and fast for their community. The pastor says,

“God has glorified his name, knocking down the enemy’s arguments and expanding his kingdom in this city.”

Sowing and Reaping Together

North American and Chilean churches support the indigenous pastors so that they can share the Good News, make disciples, and plant churches. Julio coordinates, administers, and communicates to care for these servants. Someone plants the seed, another person waters it, but God makes it grow (1 Corinthians 3:6-7). Pray for Julio and for the church planting ministry.



And Julio leads short-term missionary teams from Chile to minister in another creative access country in the Caribbean. He advocates for them there.

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  • Pray for the health of both Julio and his wife.
  • Pray for fruitful ministry of Adelphos missionaries around the world.
  • Pray for the success of Adelphos church planters in the Caribbean.
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