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Church Planting in the Caribbean with Julio

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About Church Planting in the Caribbean with Julio

Julio and his wife engage Chilean churches in international missions and local church planting. Julio is one of the directors of a Chilean missions agency called Adelphos. And Julio leads short-term missionary teams from Chile to minister in another creative access country in the Caribbean. He communicates and advocates for Adelphos church planters in that country.
In that country, a congregation has been gathering for about 15 years. Around 50 people attend most of the services, but 75 or more have come for special events. They are overflowing their small "house church" meeting space. They need more room to grow, and they have already begun the project on their own.

Meet the Director: Julio

Julio has served the Lord for many years in Chile both as a pastor and as a leader of an international missionary movement. Being one of the directors of Adelphos Missions Agency, he assists Chilean churches in sending out and supporting missionaries. He and his wife live in Santiago, their nation’s capital. Julio is passionate about the churches of Chile sending and supporting missionaries around the world. He says, “The work of the Lord must not be stopped. It cannot be stopped!”

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    • Pray for the health of both Julio and his wife.
    • Pray for fruitful ministry of Adelphos missionaries around the world.
    • Pray for the success of Adelphos church planters in the Caribbean.
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