Working on a Church Building

church building

You don’t need a building to have a church. But, practically speaking, a building is pretty helpful.

Iglesia Bautista La Gracia (Grace Baptist Church) in Nicaragua is a new church plant in its community. The goal is to raise up the church as a mechanism to reach the people in their area for Christ. Already they have seen tremendous growth as people have heard the gospel, believed, and been saved. Going forward, the prayer is that La Gracia would continue to have a tremendous impact in Nicaragua for Christ.

The Need for a Building

Since it’s beginning, the church has met in a building in the community or at the homes of people in the church. But, it became clear pretty quickly that the church would need a space of their own to host Bible studies, church services, outreach events, offices for pastors, and more.

So, they’ve been praying for God to continue to provide the funding for a complete building with enough materials to sustain a growing congregation.

Needs Met and Needs Outstanding

So far, the members and attendees have given enough money to the church to be able to purchase a plot of land that came with a small 12 foot by 12 foot building. The youngest children meet in the building on Sundays for nursery and Sunday school classes while the older kids meet on the patio and grassy areas surrounding it. And the adults meet for the worship service in a large tent they constructed on the property.

But, the future hope is to raise enough money over time to build a church building to house everything they need. They have begun a church fund into the budget so that a bit of the tithes and offerings go toward this initiative. They have also done a plastic chair campaign to begin to purchase chairs for their current arrangement.


Missionaries and a local Nicaraguan couple have partnered together to start Iglesia Bautista La Gracia—a new church plant in Nicaragua. The church meets in a residential community of about 1300 homes. This new church plant impacts the community already, through outreach and counseling opportunities they are quick to accept.

Buy chairs for the new church building - $20
Give to the general building fund - $50