Baptisms, New Members, and Evangelism, Oh My!

Baptisms oh my

God is doing mighty works in Nicaragua and He’s using Nicaraguans to do it! Live Global national partners Marco and Gaby are on the front lines of seeing their community transformed by Christ. Marco pastors a church called La Gracia Baptist Church after God sent him and his family to the city where it’s located.

Through this church, God is doing mighty works in the community through their creative outreach methods. God is drawing people to Himself!

Recently, three new brothers and sisters in Christ were added to the Kingdom. La Gracia celebrated their baptisms and praised God for how He worked to bring them to an understanding of the gospel.

La Gracia also added ten new adult members to the church! Now the prayer is that each of these families would find ways to use their gifts and talents to continue spreading the gospel in the community and all throughout Nicaragua.

Let’s pray the God gives them wisdom and endurance through the Holy Spirit.

Missionaries and a local Nicaraguan couple have partnered together to start Iglesia Bautista La Gracia—a new church plant in Nicaragua. The church meets in a residential community of about 1300 homes. This new church plant impacts the community already, through outreach and counseling opportunities they are quick to accept.

Buy chairs for the new church building - $20
Give to the general building fund - $50