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Joseph God saved

Care for Kids' Physical Needs

My Father's House Orphange (Haiti)

  • Shoes for an orphan ($18)
  • Mattress for the orphanage ($125, need: 50)
  • School for 1 student for 1 year ($70, need: 200)
  • Supply the entire orphanage with food for 6 months ($5,000)

Buy Diapers for Ukrainian Babies

Even before the war, many families in Ukraine needed help in obtaining diapers. Now this has increased many times over! Your help would help moms and moms-to-be facing difficult situations made heavier by the war and crisis in Ukraine. One hundred diapers costs $20.

"Joseph God Saved" (Myanmar)

Live Global partner Kim Tang adopted and named "Joseph God Saved" out of an unreached people group.

  • Deposit for Joseph's long term care ($1,200)
  • One-on-one staff aid ($150/month)

Provide Educational Needs

Bible College Among the Unreached

Students come from Northern India and Myanmar to study the Bible and serve in a region filled with unreached peoples.

  • Provide facility fans ($25 each, need:6)
  • Support a student to study ($30 for one student for one month)
  • Buy badminton equipment for students to build community and language learn ($35)

Train 400 Sunday School Teachers (Nepal)

Be part of our late partner Deepak's dream by training 400 Sunday school teachers in Nepal. $22.50 per trainee.

Care for Poor Families

New Hope Nepal Christmas Experience

Help a poor family in the village celebrate the birth of our Lord with gifts and proper Christmas dinner. The gospel will be communicated with each person. It costs $25 per family and there is a need for 215 families.

Spread the Joy of Christmas

Pastor Kamran, who ministers to Pakistanis in Australia, needs the following to spread the joy of Christmas:

  • Sunday school gifts + food ($500)
  • Christmas gifts for needy families ($500)
  • Bible study student gifts + dinner ($500)

Support Churches and Outreaches

Start a Soccer Outreach (Middle East)

Help partner Malik start a soccer ministry in among Majority religion youth. Through sports, they share the gospel. They have a place and kids, but need equipment like an agility ladder, cones, team vests, uniforms, and balls. ($20/kid, 100 kids)

Buy Land for a Pakistan Church

The pastor in Pakistan who leads the Sponsoring Kids for School project still needs $6,000 to buy land for a church building there. They already have $12,000 of the $18,000 total need!

Bible Club (Trinidad and Tobago)

Buy snacks, refreshments, and rewards for kids to support Pastor Arron Sutherland's ministry in Trinidad and Tobago. $100 covers one week.

Care for Ukrainians

Give Gifts Through Pastoral Care

Through Alex, our partner in Ukraine who teaches theological trainings, you can give the following gifts to those in need:

  • Provide a bicycle for a person living in rural Ukraine so they can get to the store and church ($150 each, need: 20)
  • Help people who lost their jobs in the war pay for heat in their homes ($100/month/house, heating season is 5 months, need: 20 heated homes)

Give Gifts Through a Women's Center

Through Luba, our partner in Ukraine who serves at a women's center, you can gift a food pantry pack to a family of three. It includes rice, buckwheat, corn meal, wheat grain, sugar, tea, and sunflower oil. ($50 feeds a family for a week, need: 50 packs)

Care for Middle Eastern Women

Evangelize Refugee Muslim Women

Help a group of women purchase the sewing materials needed to create hygiene pads, which will build a Gospel bridge among Muslim women. They need a sewing machine ($350) and a textile cutter ($400).

Engage Syrian Mothers

A big group connected to Aquila and Priscilla started a sewing project among Syrian young women. These moms sew winter and summer clothes for their families because they cannot afford to buy them on the market. During these sewing hours our teams share Bible stories with them and teach them first steps how to begin a new life with Jesus. We would need two sewing machines to engage more young Muslim mothers ($700).

Reach Youth in Cuba

99 Adventures Training

Help train 1,000 churches in Cuba with the 99 Adventures Bible curriculum. It provides 2 years of Sunday school material. Sponsor one church leader for $50.

Care for the Reaching Generations Team

Rhode wants to give each of her teammates a basic food basket every other month. $20 per basket per month. Need: 14

Care for Disabled Children

Rhode and her team do outreach among marginalized youth in Cuba. Help care for 40 disabled children in their community by buying bedding, toiletries, and diapers. ($1400)

horse and buggy

Gift Rural Transportation

Horses, Buggies, and Bikes for Cuban Pastors

  • With the fuel shortages in Cuba, pastors who lead multiple congregations need bikes to get from A to B. ($200 each, need: 36)
  • A horse and buggy in Cuba is the equivalent to a church bus in the U.S.! Help pastors pick up people for church. ($1400 each, need: 30)

We Have the Horse but Need a Cart!

Partner Alvaro's church location is 3 miles off the main road and he would like to have a cart to provide transportation for the people coming to church from that area. For $200 they can purchase supplies and have a durable cart built.

Care for Displaced People

Myanmar Refugees (Thailand)

Last year, teams from the CLAY Center traveled to the border jungles and caves to reach Myanmar refugees living there. They saw 30 people who fled the country due to ethnic conflict come to Christ when they gave supplies and shared the Gospel with them. Help them do it again this year for $9,600.

Care for Refugees (Bosnia)

Partners Zijah and Lorena live in the refugee corridor in Europe and their church is active in caring for refugees and sharing the gospel with them. You can help pay rent for the refugee house this Christmas.

Provide Trainings for Middle Eastern Ministry Leaders

Trauma Training for Afghans

We'd like Afghan Christian ministry leaders who have relocated to the United States as part of the Afghan Initiative be able to get trauma training and counseling along with their families before they begin their ministries among other Afghans in the US.

Desertside Training Center

Partners Priscilla and Aquila disciple Middle Eastern Christians to go and lead ministries in difficult places. $250/month for 3 months pays for one person to get ministry training.

Provide Theological Understanding

Help Ukrainian Authors Write in a Theological Magazine

Magazine Bogomysliye is the leading theological magazine in the former Soviet union. In recent years, it has become very popular due to articles analyzing the current challenges of the time, such as covid and the war in Ukraine. $100 helps an author. Need: 15

Help Traveling Pastors Get Training

Paul and Hannah's church in India hosts training seminars for pastors in rural areas. Help them cover the travel cost for those pastors to attend. ($550)

Provide a Translation System

The Lighthouse Campello church in Spain offers German and English translation for those who need it. Rather than doing it out loud, they would like a system. ($800)

Give Computers and Printers

Outfit a Church in Spain

The Lighthouse Campello Church has no computer or printer. They need to use powerpoint in services and print their own outreach material. A computer costs $1300 and a printer costs $500.

A Laptop for an Indian Church

At Paul and Hannah's church in India, they need a new laptop for administration as it grows. ($500)

Community Computer Lab

Kids in Pastor Alvaro's community in Nicaragua are having to walk/bike 3 miles just to do their homework. Alvaro would like to outfit a room with computers that they could use instead. 5 desktop computers ($500ea), 5 surge protectors ($200 ea), printer ($280), materials to build computer desks ($350).

Help Do Video Outreach

Evangelistic Videos in Romania

Raul in Romania has a desire to create videos for evangelism and encouragement in their community. Their son is gifted in this area, but they don't have equipment. This is to buy all the equipment needed to start this ministry. Camera and lenses - $3200, Drone - $1075, studio lights - $560.

Evangelistic Videos in Spain

Partner Bo in Spain is creating videos for are mainly about the topic of how modern spirituality and New Age impact our culture, beliefs and the church. Donate to help her get the equipment she needs.

Camera for Video Outreach

Help Malik in the Middle East and his team make photos and videos of sports events and testimonial videos. They will share the good news with more people online and in their Majority religion communities. $1400 buys a camera.

Help with Radio and Audio Needs

Radio Cyprus

A Christian radio station in Cyprus needs your help staying on the air

  • Pay for the license for frequencies ($5,900)
  • Help pay the faithful staff that hasn't been paid recently ($2,300, need: 3)

Radio Logos (Serbia)

Buy 5 (or 10 or more) hours of Christian radio broadcast ministry to Serbs.

Togo PA System

Pastor Joseph Akakpo in Togo would like a audio broadcasting system. This will allow him to do open air evangelism in the villages and towns of Togo. Many of these are Voodoo villages and need to hear the Good News of Jesus. ($1,500)

Sponsor a Christmas Outreach

Provide Gifts for Bible School Students

Partner Ajit in Bangladesh loves to give gifts at Christmas to Friendship Bible Correspondence School students who memorize Scripture or do well on Bible quizzes. ($6 per person, need: 800)

Christmas Gift Packet (Thailand)

Provide a Christmas gift packet for 47 Lahu orphans near the Thailand/Myanmar border. Pastor Lube leads this ministry in connection to Pastor Kiatisak in Thailand.

Christmas Cup Outreach

The CLAY Center in Thailand holds an annual Christmas cup soccer tournament each year to reach young men who would normally not come to an evangelistic outreach. They hire officials and have prizes, a meal, and share the gospel and why Christians celebrate Christmas. Total cost: $2,200.00.

Buy a Vehicle for a Pastor

Buy Motorcycles for Rural Pastors

Paul and Hannah's ministry partners with rural pastors. They often walk up to 40 miles per day for their ministry. Having a motorcycle would give them wider range of ministry as well as frequency of ministries. ($1500 each, need: 2)

Car for Paraguay Partner

Partner and pastor Juan Carlos Escobar in Paraguay needs a new vehicle for their ministry. Their 1998 SUV has several mechanical problems that can't be repaired. ($8,000)

4-Wheel Drive Vehicle

Pastor Joseph Akakpo in Togo has an older vehicle that needs constant, costly repairs. It's not up for the rural roads of Togo. He needs a 4-wheel drive vehicle to reach villages in the mountains and bush to share the gospel, plant churches, and provide Bible training for families. ($50,000)

Repair Ministry Vehicles

A Pastor's Truck in Nicaragua

The roads in Nicaragua take a toll on vehicles. Pablo Abel travels extensively encouraging, counseling, and mentoring pastors all over Nicaragua. His truck needs some repairs to continue to be used as a vital ministry tool. $2500 would cover replacing tires, repairing the a/c, and replacing several parts that have corroded.

Church Bus Repair

The bus at Pastor Arron's church in Trinidad and Tobago serves as the main mode of transport for many members to and from church and also is a great tool in growing the Bible Club. ($580)

Sports Ministry

Hope International School (Myanmar)

Hope International School would like a ping pong table and foosball table because they provide recreation for their students and don't take up much space. $400 buys both.

CLAY Center (Thailand)

The CLAY Center in Thailand is a sports ministry center which reaches youth for Christ. $25,000 will set up the kitchen at the CLAY center and allow the center to open a resraurant to become self-sustaining.

Church Planting and Christian School (Paraguay)

The Escobars would love a covered sports/play area, which costs $25,000. Their ministry would use the covered outdoor concrete pad area for school and church for sports such as basketball, volleyball, and "indoor" soccer.

Outfit Ministry Centers

Nicaragua Church

The church Pablo Abel pastors is growing and that includes families with young children.

  • Construct 4 Sunday school classrooms. ($25,000)
  • Outfit 4 Sunday school classrooms with toys and supplies. ($300/classroom)
  • Build a security wall around the church to prevent theft. ($17,000)

Improve Pastors' Living Quarters in a Difficult Country in the Caribbean

The local pastor's home or church meeting place is often in need of improvement or repair in this difficult Caribbean country. Most churches have to meet in homes. $800 helps repair a home.

Church Planting and Christian School (Paraguay)

The Escobars would also love to finish their church and school auditorium, which would cost $60,000. This auditorium will eventually seat up to 500 people. Having a comfortable place to come to services and events is very attractive to the community. The building will be used for church, school, area and nationwide conferences, and community events.

Camps and Conferences

Myanmar Refugee Sports Camp

Thai partner Pon will bring guys from the CLAY Center and hold a sports ministry camp, playing a tournament and sharing the Gospel with Myanmar refugees on the Thailand border. ($1,900)

Provide a Well for a Camp and Bible College

Today the Bible College and camp in Northeast India draws water from a lake and hauls it in large tanks. A well would enable the college and camp to have reliable water available. ($3,000)

Togo Youth Conference

$5 sponsors one boy or girl to attend Togo National Youth Conference led by Pastor Joseph Akakpo in 2023.