global gifts 2023

Global Gifts 2023

Gifts Under $100

$5 – One Christmas gift for a Cuban child

Rhode, Cuba

Rhode wants to teach the Christmas story and give a gift to children in Cuba. 100 Needed.

Gift Completed!

$6.70 – One Bible in their language

Pastor Ajit, Bangladesh

Gift one copy of the Scriptures to a Bible Correspondence School graduate. Over 50 still needed.

$15 – Winter jacket

Robin & Salina, Middle East

Allow Robin & Salina to gift children impacted by the Earthquake a winter jacket. 32 jackets needed.

Gift Completed!

$25 – One Christmas gift for an orphan

Cristian & Amy Ungureanu, Romania

Help Christian and Amy bless local orphans. 20 gifts needed.

$25 – A pair of winter shoes

Priscilla & Aquila, Middle East

Help Priscilla & Aquila give children a warm gift to show the Lord’s love for them. 20 pairs needed.

$33 – A Bible & study materials

Felix & Oana, Romania

Get Bibles into the hands of Romanian women and help them study the Word of God. 15 sets desired.

$50 – One Christmas experience for a Nepali Child

Girls Scholarship Fund, Nepal

Give a Gospel explanation, gift, and meal to girls at risk. 195 experiences still needed.

$50 – One school uniform for poor Christian family

Sponsoring Kids for School, Middle East

These uniforms are for girls from poor families in a Muslim country who are persecuted because their family follows Jesus. 10 Needed.

$75 – One female adult goat

Sajan and Mary, Asia Mountains

Allow Sajan and Mary to give national pastors the gift of a goat to support their families and others in the community. 16 still Needed.

$100 – Five hours of Gospel radio

Theo & Chrys, Cyprus

Sponsor airtime to broadcast the Gospel to listeners who are Orthodox and Islamic, especially over Christmas.

Gifts $250 – $500

$250 – Musical Instrument

Pablo Ramirez, Chile

Pastor Pablo’s church would like to own its own instruments so they are available each week for worship. 3 Needed.

$380 – A projector for church

Alvaro & Erica, Nicaragua

Gift their church a projector so they can show the lyrics to worship songs, which is more cost effective than paper copies.

Gift Completed!

$385 – Keyboard for church

Ionut & Esther, Romania

Two people at their church plant know how to play piano, but need an instrument.

$400 – Water filter

Sangpi, Myanmar

Give the gift of clean water to students studying at Faith Baptist Bible College.

$400 – Two-week salary for female ministry worker

Nea Zoi, Greece

This ministry worker will lead outreaches in brothels, accompany women to medical appointments, and build relationships.

$450 – Outreach to a Village

New Hope Nepal, Nepal

Pay for Pastor Bair and his team to reach the lowest members of society with the love of Jesus. 3 outreaches still needed.

$499 – Computer for Bible student

Beautiful Feet, Nepal

Students need computers to access Bible resources, write papers, and prepare sermons. 6 Needed.

Gift Completed!

$500 – Laptop

Patricio, Chile

Give a laptop to serve Patricio in his role as he travels within Chili and internationally as director.

$500 – Laptop

Juan Escobar, Paraguay

Serve Juan and his church with a laptop used for children, youth, marriage conferences, and camps.

$500 – One year seminary scholarship

Pedro & Danae, Chile

Help students avoid interruptions in their studies due to financial reasons.

$500 – Kitchen utensils for school

Ismael & Emmania, Dominican Republic

Help finish the school where students Ismael & Emmania are ministering to will go.

$500 – Projector

Sergio Escobar, Paraguay

This would be a valuable tool in youth ministry, camps, visits to schools, and workshops.

$500 – Camera lens

Samuel & Ruth, Middle East

The equipment for this creative-access media ministry just failed and they need a new camera lens.

Gift Completed!

$500 – A DSLR camera

Mark & Shoni, Philippines

Church services now reach Sikh and Punjabi people globally. They need to upgrade equipment from a cell phone camera to broadcast the Good News widely.

Gift Completed!

$500 – Laptop for video creation

Malik, Middle East

Malik’s team works hard to engage youth of the Majority religion with the Gospel and a laptop would be a game changer.

Gift Completed!


$500 – Medicine, wound treatment, bandages

Kim Tang, Myanmar

Give indigenous missionaries the ability to provide basic medical care as a Gospel bridge.

$500 – Picnic table

CLAY Center, Thailand

Allow parents to have Gospel conversations while their kids play sports. 5-7 tables needed.

$500 – Music & evangelist tour

Janez & Anja, Slovakia

This tour is traditionally well-attended and the Gospel is preached in public.