A Modern Day Gift in the City of David

A godly mother raised David, but he didn’t want her faith. After moving to Spain he hit rock bottom. He found faith in his own City of David.

Mothers want what is best for their children.  They want their children to grow up and have the best life possible.  To have the same values and traditions. As their children grow, mothers nurture and guide them.  Mothers who put their faith in Jesus want their children to have the same relationship with Christ.

It breaks a mother’s heart when children rebel and disregard their parenting.  As the saying goes, “We can lead a horse to water, but we can’t make them drink.”  God gives people free will to choose, but that can bring heartache or joy to a mother.

Mothers want to know all is well with their children and that they will see them again in heaven.  But what happens when their life ends and they have children who are wayward, not even able to have final words with each other?

Rock Bottom in His Own City of David

Sometimes it takes a child to hit rock bottom in order for them to look for God. Live Global’s partner Miguel saw this first hand in the life of a man named David who moved to his city in Spain.

“God loves to transform tragedies into beautiful stories.”

David is a man who hit rock bottom. He moved from Venezuela to Spain for work. After only a short while, his godly mother became ill and died. With the loss of his mother, he remembered his mother’s teachings.

In his grief, he sought the God of his mother. David found a church pastored by Live Global partner Miguel in Madrid, Spain.  In the church, David met Jesus and accepted Christ as his own Savior. He was baptized in September 2020.  What a blessing that David will be reunited in heaven one day with his mother. Until then, David and his family attend church with hope.

I love seeing David’s face when I am preaching, always so excited and excited by what he hears!” – Pastor Miguel

Pray for Pastor Miguel and his wife Rebeca as they shepherd the church in Madrid and help David grow in his faith.