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Update on the Chile Fires

Forest fire

Chile is in crisis. The forest fires are raging on. At least eleven people have lost their lives. Thousands have had their homes destroyed. People are homeless and desperate.

Meanwhile, the fires have still been raging on. With the help of airplanes, helicopters, and hundreds of firefighters, some of the flames have been extinguished. But they are still burning in some areas of Chile.

The president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, said, "We have never seen anything on this scale, never in the history of Chile."

But yet, we rest knowing that God is sovereign and has a plan for it all. God knows what is best for each people group, each country, and each family. Please continue to pray.

Live Global just got an update on the chile fires from the Adelphos Chilean Mission Agency. They are still working with churches to make relief aid trips to deliver much-needed supplies like food, water, bedding, and first aid items. Plus, they are taking the Word of God and sharing the gospel everywhere they go. People are coming to Christ and having a measure of relief from the help they are receiving. Praise God!


The Chilean missions agency strives to share the gospel with people of every tribe, tongue, and nation and provide tools for pastors, leaders, and churches.

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  • Pray Adelphos can share the gospel and offer physical relief to many people still affected by the Chile fires.
  • Pray for more laborers to be sent to the harvest field.
  • Pray that God would save people from all over the world.
  • Pray that these Chileans would “Not grow weary of doing good…” (Gal 6:9)
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