The Chileans Head to the Philippines!


Adelphos Chilean Missions Agency is all about sending more believers to the corners of the globe to share the good news of Jesus Christ! A new frontier has just opened for them and it’s in the Philippines!

Patricio, the director of Adelphos, calls the expansion to the Philippines “a step of faith in Asia.”

We only know that God’s hand has opened this big door in a country with 100 million people and seven thousand islands. What a great missionary field to take the good news of the gospel!

A Welcome Invitation from Filipino Pastors

Live Global loves partnership with national believers for the sake of gospel. That’s really what we’re about. Adelphos is the same way. This organization is going to provide prayer support and personnel support for Filipino pastors and Christians who are hard at work in their own country.

Philippines ministry

In fact, the operations base for Adelphos in the Philippines was already graciously provided 100% by a Filipino pastor who invited Adelphos to join in what God is doing on the islands.

A Kick-Off Trip to the Philippines Ahead

In July, a team from Adelphos is taking the first trip to the new frontier to see what God might do in the Philippines! The plan is for Adelphos missionaries to help out the Philippines churches with some outreach trips on the islands, some children’s ministry events, and some relief work ministry.

Philippines ministry

Let’s pray for God to move in mighty ways and to give wisdom to those involved.

About Adelphos Chilean Missions Agency

A group of Chilean nationals have started their own missions agency called Adelphos. This Chilean missions agency strives to share the gospel message with people of every tribe, tongue, and nation, just like it was shared with the Chileans for the first time back in the 1970s.

It's exciting to see this Chilean missions agency now sending missionaries to multiple countries across the globe! Adelphos exists to provide tools for pastors, leaders, and churches to use to develop and improve their vision and ministry.

Patricio, the founder of Adelphos, said, "Twenty-one years ago, I felt called by God to establish the Adelphos Chilean missions agency for the purpose of seeing souls saved, for the purpose of establishing national churches, and for the purpose of challenging people to go into all the world and preach the gospel."

By the grace of God, Adelphos has done just that and continues to expand into more countries and regions. Their aim is to work until Christ comes back for His church!