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Landing in Liberia to Join the Local Church


God Opened the Doors with His Power

We praise God that we arrived in Liberia, West Africa after four years of prayer. This nation was formed for slaves, but now many people are experiencing freedom in Christ. We were greeted in the airport by our Liberian brothers in Christ who had T-shirts on with the Chilean and Liberian flag with the Adelphos logo.

Adelphos teeshirts in Liberia

We were the first Spanish speaking people that they had met.  They sang and prayed to welcome us into their country.  Our hearts were thrilled with thankfulness and joy to finally be face-to-face with our Liberian brothers in Christ. But there was much work for us to do together.

An Extensive Agenda in Liberia

The agenda planned for us was extensive and without rest, but we were greatly blessed.  We traveled 200 miles into the interior part of Liberia.  

We actually heard people call out to us, “White man, white man!” They didn't realize we are from Central and South America!

God was present with us each moment, and His plan was to unite ethnic groups, skin colors, and languages, all because of the blood of Christ.  God poured out His blessings in a way we had never seen before.

Liberia united

A Great Movement Begins

The team of servants were from Costa Rica, Mexico, and Chile were all with one heart and goal, which is that our Lord will be preached to all of the nations. Here's what we were able to do by God's grace:

  1.  We took puppets with us.  The Liberians had never seen puppets, and they thought that the puppets were real. This gave us a great opportunity to present the gospel to about 1,200 children.
  2.  We visited five Christian schools directed by the pastors we visited.  We also visited five churches and three tribes, where we were allowed to share the gospel for the very first time to them. We think two of these tribe leaders gave their lives to God. 
  3.  We held the first missionary conference with 89 pastors.  One of the pastors walked for three days to be able to be present for this conference! We all knelt and prayed for these pastors that they would be able to take the message of salvation to all of Liberia and then to all of Africa.
  4.  We were introduced to 20 more people who would like to serve with Adelphos. We are at the beginning of a great movement.
  5. We are now working with four schools of 900 children directed by two of the Adelphos pastors, and we are also working with orphanages and abandoned children, teaching them that Christ loves them.  We are also supporting various widows of pastors who have departed and gone into the presence of our Lord because of this battleground.

Liberia: A Poor Country with Spiritual Riches

There is no electricity in Liberia.  Forty percent of the population is from 1 to 14 years old.  The other 30 percent is from 14 to 26 years old.  We are facing a generation of children we want to raise up as believers in Christ.

Next generation of Liberians

We desire by prayer to see the history of Liberia changed through the power of the Word of God. 

I praise God for those who prayed and financially supported us on this trip. I know God will bless them because they are part of this wonderful history of global missions. Let us know you're praying for our brothers in Liberia by signing up to get the latest updates below.



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  • Pray Adelphos can share the gospel and offer physical relief to many people still affected by the Chile fires.
  • Pray for more laborers to be sent to the harvest field.
  • Pray that God would save people from all over the world.
  • Pray that these Chileans would “Not grow weary of doing good…” (Gal 6:9)
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