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Urgent: Two Siblings in Need of a Home

Siblings in need of a home

Case Background

In April, a couple was arrested in northern Thailand for drugs. They were judged and each sentenced to 25 years in prison. This couple had three children but now has two siblings in need of a home.

Their oldest child is a little girl (3 years 9 months) is currently staying with her auntie. The middle child, a little boy (2 years old), is with his grandmother. And tragically, the 9-month-old baby was in the care of his uncle, but died under suspicious circumstances.

Relatives have contacted Child and Family Prison Ministries (CFPM) asking for help.

What You Can Do to Help

Because of the level of care needed for such young kids, CFPM has only been able to take school-age children up to this point. But if funds can be raised to support these two kids, CFPM will partner with Grace Haven Children’s Home (a partner branch of CFPM), who has an available caregiver who can be dedicated to these two siblings in need of a home.

In the care of CFPM and Grace Haven, the children could be safe and get to grow up together in the same home.

Forty dollars per month supports one of these children with food, diapers, clothing, and medical care.

If you would like to help financially, please select the donate button at the bottom of this page.


Child and Family Prison Ministry is a home in Thailand for children whose parents are in prison for life or long enough that the children will be adults.

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Make a Difference

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  • Pray for all the children’s parents who are in prison and also for all the CFPM staff and volunteers.
  • Provide financial support for the foundation so that the work can run properly, and that CFPM would be able to continue extending the blessings.
  • Volunteer to serve in CFPM. We welcome every volunteer who would like to serve in any part of the ministry.
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