From Orphans Themselves to Orphanage Directors

Arlung with kids

God works in remarkable ways to lead His followers in His will. The directors of Child Family Prison Ministry (CFPM) in Thailand were once orphans themselves, but God used that to lead them to start an orphanage of their own! But let’s let Arlung and Amy, the brother and sister pair direct this orphanage, tell you for themselves. Arlung will share his testimony first!

Arlung Orphaned and Separated from Siblings

When we lost our parents, my older sister and I went to an orphanage, but my younger two sisters were sent to a Buddhist temple 15 hours away. It was sad being separated and we prayed for them often. Finally, when I was 15, the orphanage allowed me to travel by bus to find them. The Lord helped me and I was able to find them and bring my sisters to live with us. They taught the Word at the orphanage and my sisters and I accepted Jesus as Savior.

From Orphans Themselves to Orphanage Directors

I went to business school and now two of my sisters and I, along with my wife and son, operate CFPM, an orphanage that takes in sibling groups so they do not have to be separated. All 11 of the orphans that live with us as a family have accepted Jesus also. We grow, dry, roast, and sell coffee as a way to help support our ministry.

Hoping for Global Partnership

We would love to partner with a church who has interest in our orphanage and would send teams to help us expand so we can take in more sibling groups. We would also like help with teaching the kids various life skills or helping prepare them for college with help in English.

So amazing how God works! He redeems circumstances and uses everything to lead us in His will. Now Arlung’s sister Amy shares her testimony.


From Buddha to Christ

My sister and I were sent to a Buddhist temple. We worked, studied, and prayed a lot to Buddha. I was only 6 years old. But I think God must have chosen me because every time we knelt to pray to Buddha, I would fall asleep! They would whip me though.

I was so happy when my brother, Arlung, found us and took us out of the temple. Then I went to live where he was at the orphanage and I heard about Jesus. I knew it was the truth and I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

God Has a Plan for Amy!

People ask me today if I want to get married. I tell them, only if God brings a man with a lot of money because he is going to have a lot of kids to take care of! This is my life. I love these kids at CFPM and I can help them because I know. I know what it is like to have such loss in life. I know what it’s like to be rescued.

About Child and Family Prison Ministry

Child and Family Prison Ministry (CFPM) is a home in Thailand for children whose parents are in prison either for life or long enough that the children will be adults by the time the parents are released.

The Need

In Thailand, when a mother is arrested and put into prison, a child under 1 year of age will be sent to live with her in prison. Therefore, the child will have no opportunity to live in a normal family. When a child living in a prison under the control of prison officials turns 1 year old, he or she will be separated from their mother. Siblings will be separated and sent to an orphanage, a children’s home, or back to live with relatives. Most of these children are not provided care, some are ill treated, and all are at risk for abuse, human trafficking, or being forced into prostitution.

The Solution

The mission of Child and Family Prison Ministry is to stop the cycle of neglect, abuse, child labor, and forced prostitution. CFPM provides hope for these children. With parents’ consent and permission, the foundation can legally provide care for their children. Every child in the care of CFPM lives in a warm, caring, loving, and safe family with healthy food, a good education, and good health provision.Each CFPM home is limited to hosting a maximum of nine children so that each child can be cared for individually. The foundation also realizes and values the significance of the relationship between the biological mother/father and the child. CFPM tries to maintain that important relationship by providing opportunities for the children to visit their parents in prison as much as possible. In addition, the foundation values keeping siblings together.