CFPM “Like a Big Family” to Nami


Nami came to CFPM (Child and Family Prison Ministry) in April 2010. Her mother was incarcerated shortly after she was born. Nami actually had stayed with her mother (in prison) until she was 18 months old.  

CFPM’s Mission

The CFPM staff work to rescue and care for children in Thailand whose parents are in prison for life or long enough that the children will be adults by the time the parents are released. Not only does CFPM get to care for Thai children physically, but spiritually, as they share the love of Jesus and the gospel with each of the little ones they care for.

Nami young

Nami when she first arrived at CFPM in 2010.

Meet Nami

The CFPM staff delights in sharing with Live Global a little about each one of the kids they have in their care now. Here’s what they say about Nami:

Nami is easily our most talkative little one. Her personality is easy to see.

Nami loves to sing and dance. She is always asking for someone to turn on some music for her so she can listen. Even at such a young age she can sing the Thai national anthem loud and clear!

Nami is eight years old now and she’s in second grade. Staff members say she likes to play with toys and balls and her favorite colors are pink and blue. She likes pizza and often talks about wanting to be a doctor when she grows up.

CFPM’s Opportunity to Disciple Kids

CFPM gets the opportunity to spiritually shepherd the kids like Nami in their care. They read the Bible together, help them memorize Scripture, and counsel the kids through the difficult experiences they had as young children.

Nami said,

My favorite Bible Story is about Zacchaeus the tax collectorI like this story because Jesus loves imperfect people like Zacchaeus and Jesus loves little girls like me too.

Her favorite Bible verse is Luke 2:14, Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” She said that’s because she memorized it so well that she will never forget it.

Nami said,

CFPM is a big family to me, I have more brothers and sisters who love me and help me to grow up. I got a chance to know God and get a good education and a good future. I love my CFPM family.

Your Role in Nami’s Life

Join us in praying for Nami and for the ministry of CFPM as they share the love of Christ with young Thai kids. Get updates from the ministry and more testimonies like this one by subscribing for the latest from CFPM.

About Child and Family Prison Ministry

Child and Family Prison Ministry (CFPM) is a home in Thailand for children whose parents are in prison either for life or long enough that the children will be adults by the time the parents are released.

The Need

In Thailand, when a mother is arrested and put into prison, a child under 1 year of age will be sent to live with her in prison. Therefore, the child will have no opportunity to live in a normal family. When a child living in a prison under the control of prison officials turns 1 year old, he or she will be separated from their mother. Siblings will be separated and sent to an orphanage, a children’s home, or back to live with relatives. Most of these children are not provided care, some are ill treated, and all are at risk for abuse, human trafficking, or being forced into prostitution.

The Solution

The mission of Child and Family Prison Ministry is to stop the cycle of neglect, abuse, child labor, and forced prostitution. CFPM provides hope for these children. With parents’ consent and permission, the foundation can legally provide care for their children. Every child in the care of CFPM lives in a warm, caring, loving, and safe family with healthy food, a good education, and good health provision.Each CFPM home is limited to hosting a maximum of nine children so that each child can be cared for individually. The foundation also realizes and values the significance of the relationship between the biological mother/father and the child. CFPM tries to maintain that important relationship by providing opportunities for the children to visit their parents in prison as much as possible. In addition, the foundation values keeping siblings together.