How CFPM Changed the Lives of Chin-Jung and Ninja

Chin-Jung and Ninja

For Ninja and Chin-jung, two brothers whose parents were sentenced to life in prison, CFPM (Child Family Prison Ministry) has made all the difference.

How CFPM Changed Chin-Jung’s Life


Chin-jung when he first arrived to CFPM

Chin-jung was three years old when he first got to CFPM, and he could not speak or understand Thai. Now CFPM staff say he is like a new kid. He loves to play with toys and draw. He knows God’s Word. He loves the story of Samson. Chin-jung wrote,

I like Samson because he was a very strong man, who had a lot of strength that he got as a very special gift from God. I hope I can be like Samson. In the future I want to be a soldier because the soldier is a protector and I want to protect the people in my country.

Right now I am 10 years oldI am in grade 4. I like to play soccerMy favorite color is blueMy favorite food is a buffet. I want to be a soccer player. My favorite Bible Story is when God created the world. I like this story because the way that God created everything is very amazing. My favorite Bible verse is “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). This Bible verse is important to me because murder is bad and sin.

Chin-jung now

Chin-jung today, after years of living at CFPM

Since I’ve come to CFPM, I have a chance to be able to have a good education, and I got to learn and know about God. I got to travel to many places. I love the beach and it is my favorite place to go in summer. And I got to learn special languages like English.

You Can See it on Ninja’s Face

Ninja is Chin-jung’s older brother. You can see on his face the positive influence CFPM has had in his life. He now has the opportunity to study in school, which he loves. Math is his favorite. He is a good helper and likes to help everyone. Ninja wrote,


Ninja when he first came to CFPM

I am 11 years old. I am in grade 5. I like to play soccer. My favorite color is red. My favorite food is Lap (ground pork salad). My favorite Bible Story is the one when King Solomon asks for wisdom. I like this story because I want the wisdom like King Solomon. My favorite Bible verse is, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Proverbs 1:7). This Bible verse is important to me because God gave me all the wisdom and knowledge.

Since coming to CFPM, I have learned how to control my emotions, and about God and the Bible. I Learned how important it is for me to be obedient. I have learned how to play guitar and soccer. I got a chance to travel to the beach. I got to see it in real life and not from my imagination. I learned how to save money too. I have learned that God loves me and He has a great plan for my life, like He had when he sent me to CFPM.

Ninja today

Ninja today

The leaders of CFPM said that they praise the Lord for how He has given Ninja a new life and a new hope. Now Ninja loves to eat fried rice and play the game “Apple, Strawberry” which is a vocabulary game similar to tag. He also likes to draw pictures. He is very clever boy he does very well with school. He is a good helper and he likes to help everyone.

Please pray for CFPM, that God would continue to bless their ministry to children like Chin-jung and Ninja in Thailand.


About Child and Family Prison Ministry

Child and Family Prison Ministry (CFPM) is a home in Thailand for children whose parents are in prison either for life or long enough that the children will be adults by the time the parents are released.

The Need

In Thailand, when a mother is arrested and put into prison, a child under 1 year of age will be sent to live with her in prison. Therefore, the child will have no opportunity to live in a normal family. When a child living in a prison under the control of prison officials turns 1 year old, he or she will be separated from their mother. Siblings will be separated and sent to an orphanage, a children’s home, or back to live with relatives. Most of these children are not provided care, some are ill treated, and all are at risk for abuse, human trafficking, or being forced into prostitution.

The Solution

The mission of Child and Family Prison Ministry is to stop the cycle of neglect, abuse, child labor, and forced prostitution. CFPM provides hope for these children. With parents’ consent and permission, the foundation can legally provide care for their children. Every child in the care of CFPM lives in a warm, caring, loving, and safe family with healthy food, a good education, and good health provision.Each CFPM home is limited to hosting a maximum of nine children so that each child can be cared for individually. The foundation also realizes and values the significance of the relationship between the biological mother/father and the child. CFPM tries to maintain that important relationship by providing opportunities for the children to visit their parents in prison as much as possible. In addition, the foundation values keeping siblings together.