Man Trusts Jesus in Refugee Camp, Stays to Minister to Others

Muslim man

Evangelism to the lost can be messy business, but God “is a shield to those who walk in integrity,
guarding the paths of justice and watching over the way of his saints” (Proverbs 2:7–8)

Zijah and Lorena, leaders of the Caring for Refugees project in Bosnia, have experienced the Lord’s protection and faithfulness a lot in recent day.

God has led Zijah and Lorena’s church—one of the few Bible-following churches in the area—to do effective relief work and evangelism in the refugee corridor. The church is strategically located near many different camps and God’s people in this church body have seen the Lord do mighty things! Here’s the latest story from Lorena:

We visited two refugee camps. One camp is led by corrupt state officials who are working against refugees and who are making people suffer. Unfortunately, there are a lot of kids in this camp. Of course, we are in constant danger, but we decided that ministry in this place is very important.

During our time at the camp, we met an Iranian man who came to the camp believing in Islam. But, he decided that he would read the Bible so that he could understand Christians better. He even had an idea to act that he became a Christian.

Then he was having questions about the Bible and so he contacted believers in Iran. He started to have a Bible study over the internet. He decided to place his trust in Jesus!

But then he got his permission from the government to leave the camp and continue on to West Europe. This is what every refugee is waiting.

By the time he got permission, he already had a group of people with whom he shared the good news, so he decided that he will not leave the refugee camp.

So, he stayed with his son and he will be at the refugee camp for at least one more year. He has a group of people who also trusted the Lord through his ministry. It was amazing to meet with people who before might not have had a chance to see any other Christians experience new life in Christ through the Word of God. We will continue to visit this group and to support this ministry.

It’s amazing how the Lord has worked to save this man and others in the midst of such difficult and harsh circumstances. Let’s pray for endurance for this man as he selflessly chose to stay in the camp where God is using him to preach the gospel. Pray also that Zijah and Lorena can continue their trips to the corridor where they are able to provide discipleship, relief, and hope in the Lord to those who are there.

About Caring for Refugees

Bosnia is the least evangelized country in Europe. Zijah and Lorena started planting a house group church plant in Bosnia in 2002.

This church is center for national and international mission projects. Its church planting and evangelization strategies have heavily influenced other countries in Southeast Europe.

Muslims are a majority population in their area, and it's exciting to see that most of the members of their church come from a Muslim background. But, many of them face attacks and persecution from their family members and neighbors. Please pray for protection and strength for all Bosnian Christians.

The church focuses heavily on evangelization through education. Today, their projects and strategies are active in many countries including Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, and Bulgaria, and it has taken on other forms including an orphanage, senior home, special needs school, and refugee outreach.

Since the refugee crisis continues to flare throughout Europe, their caring for refugees ministry has had a powerful impact and testimony. Volunteers were washing refugees' legs and giving them medicine. Volunteers were sharing their email addresses and Facebook profiles with refugees, and today, the church is blessed with many contacts with refugees from Syria, other Arabic countries, and Afghanistan. Many of those refugees are already connected with churches in Germany and many of them became Christians.

Meet the Leaders: Zijah and Lorena

Zijah and Lorena are on the front lines of refugee ministry in Bosnia. Being apart of one of the few solid churches in their area, Zijah and Lorena have led the initiative to reach out to the hurting souls that come through their country.

Together with members from their church, they provide food, clothing, supplies, and most importantly, the gospel, with love to the many refugees they interact with at refugee camps and in their city.

Zijah and Lorena also play a huge role in leadership at their church and are helping with efforts to plant a sister church in another city in Bosnia.