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Refugee Crisis Worsening in Bosnia

As the most recent waves of refugees arrive in Bosnia, Zijah and Lorena's small church is working at the limits of their capacity to meet the basic needs of those coming through. 

They write, "Two days ago, for the first time, we did not have enough food for all the people at the bus station. Thanks to God, somehow, we managed to buy extra meals so people could at least have something for dinner. We are giving up to 100 medical interventions every day. We are having lots of people sleeping in our church. . .10 people from our church are giving every free moment to serve the refugees."

And yet, while this time is exhausting, the tireless efforts of this tiny church are attracting local media attention as outsiders find it difficult to understand their dedication. This provides a huge testimony to their city, and has generated a lot of questions about what it means to know and serve Jesus. 

Going forward, the church is seeking to continue providing needed medical care for refugees, and is working to follow up with those who pass through their doors. They're also working to understand the larger situation in Bosnia and along the refugee corridor, so that they can provide good information and advice to refugees who are looking for a place to go. 

Meanwhile, ministries to Bosnian locals continue unhindered, and some of the refugees are even joining in with their regular ministries and projects in the city. 

Lorena has described this season as "impossibly busy" and says she considers it a miracle that they have held up so well during this time. She and Pastor Zijah are seeking prayer for the upcoming winter, when ice and snow will only make this already difficult work more urgent, and more trying. 

Please remember Bosnia, and all those who seek to follow Jesus in helping strangers and sojourners, in your prayers! 


As the refugee crisis continues to flare throughout Europe, Wave and the Bosnia church have born a powerful witness through love, service, and care.

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