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Precious People of Bosnia

Wave—the ministry of Zijah and Lorena in Bosnia—strives to be set apart as they offer many resources to the people of their country. Their small church fuels the ministry as they prioritize meeting many people’s needs as a means to share the Gospel. Needs they focus on are refugee care, teaching, and providing hospitality.

Unique Ways to Serve

Within the organization, the church building never struggles with being empty. Furthermore, all expertise is used without going to waste. People are constantly invited to serve. Wave not only practices hospitality but has successfully introduced Middle Eastern refugees into the church to receive care and learn about Jesus. Zijah and Lorena give all the glory to God.

Each member of Zijah and Lorena's church has added a unique and special asset to help the people of Bosnia. People have helped by translating and installing special programs on mobile phones so that church members can communicate in languages spoken by the refugees. Whether the task is little or big, it is all a blessing from God.

A Good Problem to Pray For

However, God has been working so widely, that capacity has become an issue. The refugee homes have received teenagers from several Middle Eastern countries. This is an amazing opportunity, but the team has been worried due to the issue of space. Prayer is much appreciated. The goal is to be able to practice hospitality to anyone who passes through the town.

Prayer would also be appreciated regarding the teachers (especially teachers of those with special needs) and the education system. It has its challenges, but teachers' hearts are open. It is not always easy as a teacher to speak truth and love to the kids. Prayers are needed as times such as these cause teachers some anxiety. Many call for help as the teachers need words of encouragement. When teachers ask for help, it is an opportunity for Wave and the church in Bosnia to give them assistance and the hope that can be found in Christ.


As the refugee crisis continues to flare throughout Europe, Wave and the Bosnia church have born a powerful witness through love, service, and care.

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