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New Leaders Rising Up, With New Needs

The Story of Viktor

Zijah and Lorena's church is a remarkable powerhouse of love, service, and gospel truth in the country of Bosnia. Part of what makes it so effective is that it is built from the very start on discipleship and service. You could even argue that it's built on service before the start, since most of its members began serving before they started believing! This makes for a church that is active and dynamic, in which almost every one of the 37 church members spends several hours a week in some form of ministry or outreach.

One of these church members is a university student named Viktor, who comes from a Muslim background family. He often puts 20 hours a week or more into Christian ministry, and is currently being trained in ministry by Pastor Zijah. He has managed to start a successful youth program, and has taken charge of the ministry at the home for kids with special needs (more about Viktor and this amazing ministry in our next update!). Not only that, but Viktor has begun to take up leadership and teaching roles in a church plant in a neighboring city. His dream is to be able to continue in these roles, but once he graduates, he will need financial help to make this possible.

If Viktor can be supported for just $600 a month, he will be able to provide a good salary for himself, and enter full-time ministry under Pastor Zijah. This is a young man with talent in ministry, who knows the culture, who understands the Muslim background, and who has a clear heart for serving the Lord. If he can be added full-time to Zijah and Lorena's team, he will provide badly needed help. Not only that, but he will become an example to encourage other young people to consider full-time ministry. Please pray that God will provide for him and others like him to labor in this difficult place. And if you are looking for someone to support monthly, please consider Viktor in Bosnia!

The Need for New Space

The believers in Bosnia are few, but their ministries have become far-reaching. The wave which started in Zijah and Lorena's church has rippled out into new waves in other cities and even other countries, so that this church has become a model in outreach and service for churches all over the region.

But the heart of this ministry still beats for the church in Bosnia. Zijah and Lorena are keenly aware that they stand at the beginning of something much bigger than themselves, their church, or their city. They see that they are a crucial part of establishing the new evangelical community in the country of Bosnia. Everything they do is with the long-term future of the Bosnian church in mind. But with their current rental situation, growth is not easy.

This is a church built on showing hospitality to the community; but the hospitality they can show is limited by space, and by the restrictions placed on them by landlords. Owning property will give the Bosnian church the stability they need to plan long-term, and the freedom to grow and expand. Not only will opportunities for Wave ministries increase, but opportunities for new projects in their city will also open up. There is no shortage of ideas or dedication at this church -- having a space of their own will enable them to fulfill their dreams for reaching and loving Bosnia.


As the refugee crisis continues to flare throughout Europe, Wave and the Bosnia church have born a powerful witness through love, service, and care.

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