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Iranian Refugees Ask About Christian Faith

iranian refugees

Despite the tragic reasons that Iranians have been compelled to leave their home country and seek asylum in other countries of the world, God has been using this mass displacement for His glory. Right now, Iranians and people from other Middle Eastern countries are living in refugee camps throughout Eastern Europe while they wait on news of where they will be able to ultimately go.

Camp conditions are unpleasant and provisions are meager. Nevertheless, God has called certain believers in Eastern Europe to enter these camps to build long-lasting, close relationships with the refugees for the sake of sharing the Good News.

When Believers Enter In

Zijah and Lorena, leaders of the Caring for Refugees project in Bosnia, have answered God’s call and are experiencing the blessings of obedience that have followed. They are praising the Lord that their team had the opportunity to speak with three Iranian refugees who wanted to know about the Christian faith. Here’s the story:

Mercifully, it was a sunny day in the refugee camp. These three refugees are living among 1,000 others in their camp which is a building construction project stopped short. The building is four stories tall, but it’s missing most of the interior walls and has many holes in the floors. Kids are everywhere—maybe 150 in total. There is constant leaking and dripping in this building, the bathroom situation is insufficient, and when it rains, the situation is a nightmare. Everyone receives meals at the camp, but the meals are so small that it’s hardly enough to add up to one meal for one person for one day.

Zijah and Lorena have been visiting this camp and providing an additional meal for the more than 1000 refugees there.  On the days they come, the refugees receive two meals for that day.  After distributing a meal to everyone, Zijah and Lorena and their team talk with the refugees with the ultimate goal of sharing Christ.

What Is This Christian Faith?

The team spoke with the three Iranian refugees mentioned above and found out that these people have been helped by Christians so many times in the past that they wanted to know more about the Christian faith. During the conversation, they asked the team from Bosnia to pray for them. At the end of the prayer, these three Iranian people were crying. They had a long conversation with Zijah and other team members. They even asked to be baptized.

Let’s pray together that these three people ultimately find new life in Christ. Pray that Zijah and Lorena can connect them with other believers to begin growing together in the faith.


As the refugee crisis continues to flare throughout Europe, Wave and the Bosnia church have born a powerful witness through love, service, and care.

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