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Invitations in a Bottle

The small church in Bosnia where Zijah and Lorena serve focuses much effort on reaching migrants passing through the refugee corridor in their country. They serve them physically with shelter, food, and medicine, but their hope and prayer is to reach these people spiritually—with the lasting hope of the Gospel. In their church, they have migrants and people from all kinds of countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. They've done multiple different kinds of outreaches over the years, and creativity is always paramount. Their latest idea might be at the top of the creativity list though!

Messages in Bottles

One of the youth groups (younger teenagers) took a trip to the border. They held a youth event on the river and part of it was that they wrote encouraging messages and invitations to people to contact our church. They put those messages in bottles and threw them into a river.

Two of the messages are already answered and now they are expecting guests from nearby countries in their church!

Ministry to Migrants

We often have some struggles with our ministry to migrants, but we are still managing to provide housing to all teenagers and families that are passing through our town. One young person from [a difficult Middle Eastern country] came to a church service for the very first time on Thursday. We know that it is hard to work with those who are staying in our town only for a short time, but we are still happy that we have a chance to share the Gospel.


Join us in prayer for these special people God will reach with the messages in a bottle. Pray God would work mightily through every outreach the church does and that He would save many for His glory.


As the refugee crisis continues to flare throughout Europe, Wave and the Bosnia church have born a powerful witness through love, service, and care.

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