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How Much Love Can Flow from a Church of 35?

Church of 35 shows love

The church behind the Caring for Refugees project in Bosnia is only a church of 35 people. And yet this church is known for demonstrating the love of Christ nationally and internationally. One of its most popular ministries is its outreach to refugees in Europe. This church has been sharing resources with refugees, making meals for them, sharing the gospel with them, and so much more.

As we just found out, this special body of believers was able to reach out during the past holiday season to give above and beyond their means.

Economic and Spiritual Climate in Bosnia

This church of 35 in Bosnia is one of only a few solid churches in the whole country. Bosnia is among countries with the smallest numbers of protestants in the world.

Plus, Bosnia is a country with a very hard economic situation. Unemployment rates are very high and there are a lot of people who struggle financially.

This Church Decides to Give

However, our brothers and sisters in Christ from this unique church in Bosnia continuously collect help for Christians in their country and in other war-torn countries in Asia and the Middle East. Above all, they focus on collecting food, clothes, and money for refugees who pass through the Balkan refugee corridor.

Practically every church member is volunteering and collecting help for the refugees, an orphanage, a home for seniors, and a school for kids with special needs.

Home for seniors in Bosnia

A Christmas Blessing

When the church was thinking about their Christmas program, they concluded that they are not doing enough to help to those who are in a bigger need. So they started a project of collecting gifts for poor families.

In only one month this one small church of 35 people collected so much that they needed all day to distribute gifts.

Christmas gifts in Bosnia

It is a great blessing to see that people who are living in one of the poorest European countries can bless so many with the love of Christ. We hope that the story about this small church, which loves to help others, will be an encouragement for all of us.


As the refugee crisis continues to flare throughout Europe, Wave and the Bosnia church have born a powerful witness through love, service, and care.

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