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Afghan Refugees Hear the Gospel

Afghan refugees in Bosnia

A team from the Caring for Refugees project in Bosnia has been making trips to the refugee corridor every other week with the purpose of building relationships and sharing the gospel with the refugees living in the harsh conditions there.

It's heartbreaking for Zijah and Lorena (the Bosnian leaders of the project) and their team to see so many people living without hope in such destitute places. But God is sovereign and is able to turn every situation for His glory.

And he's working mightily through His faithful followers like Zijah, Lorena, and their team from their church in this place.

Meeting Afghan Refugees

During a recent visit, they had the opportunity to have a long conversation with a group of refugees from Afghanistan. This is an amazing thing because Afghanistan is a country normally closed to gospel workers. But, when Afghans find themselves in Bosnia, the situation is a bit different.

afghan refugees

As Zijah, Lorena, and their team listened to the Afghans tell their stories, they noticed that there were 12 people living in a small storage room. It would have been a small room if only three or four people were living there, but 12 were squeezing in. The refugees in this area live mostly without restrooms, running water, and electricity. But they received some encouragement and hope one day.

God Answering Prayers for Afghans

The team had a chance to speak with the group of Afghan refugees about God and the biblical message. As they went away that day they reflected that Christians around the world are praying that God will open the doors of Afghanistan for missions. Could it be that God is answering these prayers for Afghanistan by reaching this small group of Afghan refugees in Bosnia?

We all hope and pray that the visits of the people from Zijah and Lorena's church are a big encouragement and one more step in spreading the gospel to the people of Afghanistan.


As the refugee crisis continues to flare throughout Europe, Wave and the Bosnia church have born a powerful witness through love, service, and care.

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  • That many refugees would come to know Jesus as their Savior
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  • That new believers from a Muslim background would have courage and endurance in the light of persecution
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