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Wave: Refugee Care, Education, and Outreach

Caring for Refugees (Bosnia)
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About Wave: Refugee Care, Education, and Outreach

Wave is about making the most of every resource a church has to serve the local community. The goal of Wave is to start a tide of learning, teaching, and serving that ripples and multiplies in the church and beyond. The unique strategies of Wave have proven remarkably effective at meeting people's needs, and reaching Bosnia and beyond.

The principles of Wave are that 1) a church building is never empty, 2) that no area of expertise goes unused to benefit the community, and that 3) people are regularly invited to serve. Every day of the week, the church tries to make sure its doors are open for people to teach and learn. In Zijah and Lorena's city in Bosnia, this means that everything from aerobics, to computer programming, to English and Bible courses may be happening at the church on a weekly basis.

Then, once a year, the church puts on what is called a "Wave intensive". Wave intensives bring together teachers and volunteers from all over the world to do intensive courses in almost any subject area imaginable, for 2-3 weeks. This event is promoted heavily in the community and is the primary way that new people come through the doors.

As people participate in these courses, they are invited to join church members in various service opportunities, including caring for the thousands of refugees flowing through Bosnia to the rest of Europe, as well as weekly activities at a home for kids with special needs, and more! In a country with very little understanding of what it means to follow Jesus, people have the opportunity to see what the Christian life is about through action. Refugees from other countries receive love and care, and local Bosnians come along with the church to give that care. Serving others together proves to be an effective way to build relationships, foster community, and share good news.

Meet the Leaders: Zijah and Lorena

Zijah and Lorena are partners with insight, tenacity, and deep love for their country. They have worked hard for many years to love their neighbors, share good news, and make an enduring impact in this majority-Muslim nation.

As people come in from outside the church for free education opportunities, they are invited to join with church members in initiatives at a home for children with special needs, and reaching out with food, clothing, friendship, and the good news to the many refugees flowing through Bosnia. As people see love in action, their hearts are changed.

Bosnian hearts are changed by giving love to others, and the hearts of refugees are changed by receiving this love. As a result, Zijah and Lorena are also working to plant sister churches in Bosnia, and supporting newly believing refugees as they move on to represent Christ throughout Europe.

Latest Updates from Wave: Refugee Care, Education, and Outreach

The Coronavirus Impacts Refugees, Too

This past week was a time of great changes. Police closed the refugee camp in front of the bus station because of the coronavirus. We had to react fast.

Refugee Crisis Worsening in Bosnia

As the most recent waves of refugees arrive in Bosnia, Zijah and Lorena's small church is working at the limits of their capacity to meet basic needs.

The Warmth of Love in a Bosnian Winter

Eastern Europe can be a cold and dark place, in more ways than one -- but thanks be to God, there are workers with tenacity and grit planting the seeds of His love in frozen places.

New Leaders Rising Up, With New Needs

Asking people to serve before they join the church, or even believe? One church in Bosnia has found a unique way to make disciples, and raise up leaders.

child sleeping outside
"There Cannot Be One Child Sleeping Outside"

They've started taking refugee families with babies and small kids to their church every night to sleep out of the cold.

iranian refugees
Iranian Refugees Ask About Christian Faith

They are praising the Lord that their team had the opportunity to speak with three Iranian refugees who wanted to know about the Christian faith.

A Picnic for Refugees

More than 100 refugees attended the picnic and it presented opportunities to lovingly care for them. And it piqued the curiosity of many people!

kids in the refugee camps
Reaching Kids in the Refugee Camps

What a blessing for Zijah and Lorena (leaders of the Caring for Refugees project) to fulfill this calling among kids in the refugee camps.

Seven Refugee Churches Out of the One

The authorities in this area have demanded a "reorganization" of refugees and now these believers are being scattered among seven different camps.

Muslim man
Man Trusts Jesus in Refugee Camp, Stays to Minister to Others

But then he got his permission from the government to leave the refugee camp and continue on to West Europe. This is what every refugee is waiting.

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He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing. And you are to love those who are foreigners, for you yourselves were foreigners in Egypt. (Deuteronomy 10:18-19)