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Trusting God for Giant Things - Building Expansion

Kolkata Christian Fellowship

In the beginning, Pastor Anvit remembers, “Our church building was dwarf size trying to cater to the giant things that God was intending to do.” 

Fifteen years later after starting in a home with just five people, the ministry has moved from one rented facility to another. But now they have a building of their own, and with some final renovations and expansions they will be ready for an even stronger ministry.

They reach out into a region home to over 14 million people. They provide training programs that impact over 2,000 churches in North India. Out of this, the India Church Network ministers to orphans, victims of trafficking, unreached people, developing churches and the suffering. At least 200,000 people are included in these congregations. God is doing “giant things.”

“Today we look back in awe at what the Lord has done.”

Visionary leaders “waited many years for the right building to be used for maximum impact for the Gospel.” After completing a facility in 2019, they're now seeing potential for a multi-faceted ministry center. With few urban churches in a city of millions, the property is located where multiple medical facilities create a population of nurses, doctors, and patients.

The Potential

The expansion for more space supports engagement in two main ways:

The Plan

The Need

Renovation of the terrace:

Total: $22,000

Renovation of the first floor:

Total: $48,000

When the India Church Network leaders look back to the congregation of five in a home, they remember trusting God for “giant things.”

One again, KCF is trusting the Lord to do giant things.

In partnership with Live Global, we believe God can provide for this project to be accomplished in His timing, despite the challenges of COVID-19. We’re praying for North American partners to join in bringing this Gospel vision to life for “giant things” in Kolkata. We would love to include you.

Small Steps to To Join in Giant Things


Their first phase facility was completed in 2019, and now they see potential for a multi-faceted ministry center.

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Make a Difference

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  • Pray that God provides the funds for the building expansion
  • Pray that God will use the new facility to draw people to Himself through the various outreaches
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