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Buggies and Bicycles for Pastors

Buggy Cuba
About Make a Difference

About Buggies and Bicycles for Pastors

Praise God that He has been raising up pastors and church leaders on the island of Cuba! Despite the political challenges of the past several decades in this country, God's Word stands fast and His purpose to redeem the nations moves forward.

God is calling Cubans to Himself and according to some statistics, Cuban nationals have planted at least 40 churches per year since the year 2000. The tricky part for these church planters is that many of them oversee multiple church plants at once—some of them shepherding 7 or 8 flocks. And harder still—they have to walk from church to church on foot.

As we've grown in relationship with the national Cuban church planters, we asked how Americans could best serve them. They answered, "Help us buy bicycles or buggies so that we can more effectively do this ministry God has called us to."

Bike Cuba

Because the average income of a Cuban is $30-$40 per month, they have trouble affording these items on their own.

Make a Difference

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  • That Cubans would place their faith and trust in Christ through the ministries of these churches.
  • For God to provide bicycles and buggies for the church planters.
  • That the pastors and church leaders would remain faithful to God and His Word.
Interested in going to Cuba to see firsthand what God is doing, and also use your gifts and serve?

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