What Is 99 Adventures in the Bible’s Big Story?

If the goal of sharing Christ is for unbelievers to understand, retain, and cling to the gospel, then chronological Bible teaching as a method of evangelism seems paramount. Unbelievers will understand who the God of the Bible is and what He did when they see the whole picture painted for them. That is what Jesus did for the two men on the road to Emmaus. He explained to them the things about Himself from the Law and the prophets. We want to help you teach the Bible chronologically to kids with our free resource 99 Adventures in the Bible's Big Story.
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Living Missionally

How Giving to the Christmas Catalog Impacts the Nations

We love that every gift request listed on the Global Gifts Christmas catalog came from a trusted, known friend doing ministry in their own cultural context. The donations that come in do not go to a black hole, but rather go to an individual who loves Jesus and loves to bless others with the gospel. Here are three stories from Christmas last year that highlight how your giving impacts the nations for Christ.