Partner Update

Building National Leaders

The Lord makes it very clear in my mind – until the national teach the national, churches will not grow. – Pastor John

This has been the driving vision of the Bible College started by Pastor John. To train up national pastors who can reach their own people so that the church can grow.

Partner Update

From Hitman to Hope in a Refugee Camp

Some workers at a refugee camp in Central America shared this story:

“We worked in a refugee camp where many people from Central America have come seeking protection from guerilla warfare, drug trafficking, and kidnappings. Becoming acquainted with this large, but invisible, world has really impacted us.

Partner Update

10 New Believers Baptized!

On May 5, we had the honor of “dunking” 10 new believers! Half of them were from a slum and the other half were from a new area where we have been working. They were from all different backgrounds and all 1st generation Believers – kids from our tutoring program, a mother & son (whose husband is a Hindu worship leader), a daughter and mother, another woman, a former rickshaw puller, a school teacher and his wife -­ all had been coming this past year to our Hindi Service, had been involved in the weekly “dunking” class, and have chosen to follow Jesus despite much persecution!

Partner Update

Reaching the Unreached

From Dr. Sathish Divakar, Beacon Ministries founder…

“We face a humongous task of reaching the unreached in Asia who have never heard the gospel. Yes, the harvest is plenteous and the laborers are few. We pray to God that He raise up people who have willing hearts to know Christ and make Him known to the world around.