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Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary

Media reports of conflicts and governments only tell part of the story. While earthly rulers move on earth, God moves in divine ways. On February 1st a new parliament was set to begin in the capital city of Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, a nation bordered by Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, China, and India. On that day the Tatmadaw (Burmese military) stepped in to exert control in the Southeast Asian home of nearly 54 million people. The event was prompted by accusations of fraudulent results from the November 2020 election. This was the second Democratic election in the primarily Buddhist nation, also home to other ethnic groups including Rohingya Muslims.

Under  military rule from 1962 to 2011, the name “Burma” was changed to “Myanmar.” In the first week of the conflict, crowds including engineers, bankers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, students, and factory workers have banged pots and taken to the streets in protests not seen since the Saffron Revolution of 2007. Curfews and limitations on gatherings have been imposed as the people wonder who will lead them. Though many have yet to know, God is at work in Myanmar.

Seeds of Truth Planted

Before decades of military rule or the contested election or the recent takeover, God has been at work in Myanmar. He “changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning,” (Daniel 2:21). Multiple national partners like Dr. Mung have faithfully planted seeds of truth among the Burmese people. One million copies of The Ancient Path have been distributed in six different languages including Burmese. God has been working.

Thousands of Books Provided

In the year before today’s turmoil began, national partners requested help to gather books for a theological library expansion. Building on resources sent in 2018 for the work of training leaders in Yangon at Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary,  a new shipment would establish a library in Tedim. In this city, Sangpi and his wife Khongnin have been serving since 2017. As the Director of Faith Baptist Bible College, Sangpi dreams of opening a Christian liberal arts college, so students pursuing any career can learn to share their faith in their nation which is home to 50 unreached people groups.

Thousands of books were donated during 2020. Like the Yangon library that precedes them, the books were packed into an assortment of boxes, loaded into shipping containers, and sent with prayer on their transatlantic journey. God’s “ kingdom is not of this world,” (John 18:36) and kingdom work continues. At the very time the national conflict unfolded in early February 2021 and peace seemed lost, thousands of books filled with life-changing Gospel truth arrived in the same nation.

Trucks of Hope Arrived

In the darkness of night in a country in chaos, hope arrived on trucks filled with truth. God keeps working to divinely supply for the work of equipping believers in Myanmar to share their faith where it desperately needs to be known. We know, “the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed,” (Daniel 2:44).

While earthly rulers move on earth, God moves in divine ways.

Please continue to pray for the national partners and Burmese people with the confidence that God is at work.


This Bible college has graduated thousands of high calibur students who are leading ministries and reaching their own people for Christ in Myanmar.

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  • That God would continue to bring students to the Bible college so that more people in Myanmar will be fully equipped to take the Gospel to the unreached in the country.
  • For God to pave the way for a Christian liberal arts school to be opened in Myanmar.
  • That God would draw many souls to Himself as they hear about Christ for the first time in their free summer English class.
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