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As Enrollment Grows, So Does Opposition

Travel back in time 33 years. Myanmar was a politically closed country and foreigners were rarely allowed in, especially if they were Christians. Yet God was on the move there! A revival had broken out about a decade earlier and Christianity was growing.

At that time, though, there was no theologically-sound Bible college in the country where pastors or evangelists could train. But God had raised up a man with a vision to begin one in his home state of Chin. In the city of Tedim, Dr. Do Suan Mung began Faith Baptist Bible College in 1986. Since that time thousands of Myanmar nationals have been trained by this school and its sister school—Faith Baptist Theological Seminary—in Yangon.

Today, Dr. Mung has passed off leadership of the Bible College in Tedim to his oldest son, Sangpi, with the blessing and prayer that he would grow the school and its ministry to the next generation. And God has answered!

Students Come from Myanmar and India

Enrollment for the Bible College has steadily grown over the past several years. Today, even students from neighboring India are coming to be trained at the school! Most of the enrollment is still supplied by Myanmar nationals from surrounding villages. It's exciting to see how God is reaching into diverse people groups and training nationals among them to minister to their own people, and even beyond to the unreached.

Real-Life Ministry Experience for Students

It's not enough to just read and talk about evangelism in Bible college, you have to experience it for yourself to really learn!

That's why Sangpi leads frequent outreach trips for students so they can practice and become comfortable with sharing the Gospel in different cultural contexts. And in God's kindness, they've seen Him bear fruit through their efforts every time! During their first semester this year (which takes place during the North American summer), the students took three different trips and saw people come to know Christ each time. Let's pray for the new believers that they continue to grow through their local churches and by meeting other believers in their area.

As God works in mighty ways at this school, it's no surprise that the enemy would work to oppose it.

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8)

When the Water Goes Out

During the first semester, a water line broke that cut out running water for Sangpi and his wife and toddler, and all of the staff and students. Christian ministry is hard enough; imagine that distress on top of it!

To fix it, it took the staff and students two months of Saturdays trekking to the water source to build a small new water tank and a better channel to the school. By God's grace, they were able to set up a solution that allows them to get running water temporarily at the school. They are still working on repairing the water pipes, which will be a more permanent fix.

Financial and Physical Hindrances

Sangpi and his family personally lack $1,000 per month in financial support. In order for them to continue ministry at the school full-time, they urgently need this financial gap filled. Sangpi said:

Each dollar counts and I desperately need monthly supporting partners. With our growing ministries and the urgent need of reaching out to the lost, it's a necessity that I have a steady financial income. I need at least $1,000 monthly to support my family and my students, and pay the bills.

Additionally, neither the school nor Sangpi's family have a vehicle they can use to do evangelism trips. They have to keep buying bus tickets or use motorcycles until they get one. Their hope and prayer is that God would provide a 4X4 vehicle to be able to do ministry better as a family and school.

Want to Go to Myanmar?

Sangpi has already begun planning for summer 2020 (which is March, April, and May in Myanmar) when the school is in an off-season and they run free English classes on campus as a way to evangelize and serve the surrounding community. Each year this outreach has grown—in 2019 they had 180 kids. This year they're inviting three North American English speakers to come for at least two weeks at a time to help teach these classes. If you think God is calling you to be one of them, let us know!

Here's a video from last summer.


This Bible college has graduated thousands of high calibur students who are leading ministries and reaching their own people for Christ in Myanmar.

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  • That God would continue to bring students to the Bible college so that more people in Myanmar will be fully equipped to take the Gospel to the unreached in the country.
  • For God to pave the way for a Christian liberal arts school to be opened in Myanmar.
  • That God would draw many souls to Himself as they hear about Christ for the first time in their free summer English class.
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