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Visiting Professors Have an Impact

Visiting professors

If national believers are going to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth, they're going to need solid theological training! And by God's grace, they can get it.

God Has Provided Seminaries

Live Global connects with several theological seminaries throughout Asia. All of them are founded, run, and operated completely by nationals who themselves have been trained in sound doctrine and theological studies. Praise God that He has raised up and equipped strong men to be able to provide and teach a solid biblical education. This is one way God is raising up and equipping the next generation of national pastors, church leaders, church planters, and missionaries in these countries.

Beacon Baptist Theological College and Seminary

Dr. Sathish Divakar is one of our national partners who has founded and leads a theological seminary in India. He and his wife lead Beacon Baptist Theological College and Seminary. This school prepares students for church ministry and missions through theological education. They train students from multiple regions in India as well as surrounding countries.

Normally, classes are taught by well-trained, well-equipped Indian professors. But occasionally, God provides visiting professors from the United States to come teach specific modules or whole semesters of a certain class at Beacon.

Visiting Professors Help Provide Quality Education

Visiting professors with a special knowledge base or qualification can bring a huge benefit to the school if they come teach for a short time. They can add to the students' education as they share their experience and knowledge with students. Here is what Dr. Divakar had to say about three visiting professors they had recently at Beacon:

We have had a busy first semester at the seminary. We have had Dr. Roger teach the Book of Daniel, then Dr. Mark teach Theology of Culture, and then Dr. Erskine teach Homiletics and Expository Preaching. What a blessing these servants of God have been. Dr. Roger even visited on of our monthly Bible clubs in a nearby village. We ensure quality education to our students, and both national and visiting professors from overseas provide such an education.

Want to Be a Visiting Professor?

Do you have special theological training or are you qualified to teach a specific class or module? Maybe making a short-term trip to Beacon (or one of our other seminaries in Asia like Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary or Bangladesh Theological Seminary) could be in your future!

Let us know you're interested.


Beacon Baptist Theological College and Seminary in India prepares students for church ministry and missions through theological education.

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Make a Difference

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  • Pray that God will provide more sound theological books, Bibles, and Bible commentaries for the seminary
  • Pray for those who are lost that God would open doors for them to hear the Gospel.
  • Pray for strength during persecution. Jesus will build his church!
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