Beacon Student Makes Disciples


I love Beacon Baptist Theological College & Seminary because I know what I learned from BBTC. I was taught the truth.

That’s a Beacon Baptist alumnus named Tanith sharing about his experience at the school.

Tanith Felt a Need for More Training

Tanith is from Nagaland, which is one of the northeastern states of India. He was already pastoring a church in his hometown when he heard about Beacon. Like many Christians in Asia, Tanith felt the need for more training in God’s Word to better serve the people he ministered to.

I felt the need to learn the Word of God. Upon hearing about Beacon being strong in Bible exposition, theology, and missions, I went to study there.

How Beacon Helped Tanith Make Disciples

Tanith graduated from Beacon more than a decade ago with a Bachelor of Divinity as a missions major. After graduating, he went on to make more disciples among his own people, using his new training to better lead, serve, and preach the gospel.

God led Tanith to take positions in his church, like choir leader, associate pastor, youth pastor, and director of children’s ministry. How has Beacon helped him make disciples?

I was able to preach and teach to our congregation of 3,000 people the truth with humility and love as I was taught at Beacon. Many people have been saved and blessed through my ministry.

Praise God for this accessible and Bible-believing seminary in India that is training more of God’s people to effectively serve him and make more disciples for His glory.

Beacon Baptist Theological College and Seminary in India, prepares students for church ministry and missions through theological education. They train students from multiple regions in India as well as surrounding countries. Many of their students go on to become church planters.

Beacon's founder, Dr. Sathish Divakar, has a vision to train Christian leaders to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout India and neighboring countries. He has established a multi-faceted ministry to accomplish this purpose.