Discipling the Lisu People in Sound Doctrine


The Lisu people are situated in several Asian countries: Myanmar, China, Thailand, and India. According to the Joshua Project, a number of missionaries have ministered among them before, and today, it’s reported that the majority of them would identify as Christian.

But, many of them have a way to go in understanding sound biblical doctrine.

Lisu Believers Need Solid Biblical Doctrine

That’s where a Beacon Baptist Theological College and Seminary alumnus named Japhase has stepped in.

Japhase has been led by the Holy Spirit to make frequent trips to China where he will share the gospel with Lisu unbelievers and disciple Lisu believers. Japhase said,

There are challenges in making believers understand biblical doctrine and shun the influence of the ungodly culture and traditions.

Yes, following Jesus as a Lisu in China often requires abandoning ancestral beliefs and the beliefs of the family. And it’s a complete mindset shift from the traditions of the culture.

Japhase Prepared for Ministry at Beacon Baptist

Japhase has been prepared for this high calling during his time as a student at Beacon Baptist. He said that the reason he even chose this school in the first place was because it has the reputation for teaching the truth and sound doctrine. Praise the Lord!

Japhase also said that one of the things he was most impressed with was the insistence of the seminary on doing devotions both in the morning and evenings.

Devotion time at dawn and dusk helped me grow in my spiritual life. Beacon gave me the scope to develop the personal, spiritual, ministerial, and academic aspects of my life.

Pray for Japhase’s full-time teaching ministry in his hometown in Myanmar and his part-time discipleship ministry to the Lisu people.

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