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From Nominal to Personal: Athina's Story


Many Beacon students walk in and register without even knowing Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. Why? It's because parts of India are so nominally Christian, that ritual gets mistaken for relationship.

But Beacon is about changing that misconception for each of its students. Meet Athina, just one of them, and take a look at how she experienced life-changing transformation at Beacon after she heard the true gospel for the first time as a student.

Athina in the crowdI am Athina, an alumna of Beacon Baptist Theological College and Seminary. 

I was born and brought up in a nominal Christian family from Manipur state in India. Manipur is one of the seven northeastern states. It is 41.4% Hindu, 41.3% Christian, 8.39% Muslim, and others (folk religion, Buddhism, and Sikhism). The major problems in Manipur are insurgency, insecurity, nominal Christianity, drugs, and AIDS.

I was ignorant about the ways of God. He works in such a way we can’t see.

It was in 2007 that he brought me to Beacon Baptist Theological College and Seminary.  I was very sure it was the right place for me to prepare for my ministry. Beacon is not just an academic mill, but it’s a home where we experience God’s love and learn God’s Word. 

I came to Beacon without knowing Christ as my Saviour, but in the month of February 2008 I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.  Later, I was baptised by Dr. Sathish Divakar, the pastor of Beacon Baptist Church and the founder of the school. 

I received a quality and well-rounded theological education at Beacon.  I majored in counseling and this has helped me to work among the youth in Manipur. The education given by Beacon is relevant to our culture and the mission is made possible.

Athina teaching

I am working among the youth of Manipur state. Working with youth of Manipur is a challenge, but the education received at Beacon has equipped me for this challenging ministry. Youth in Manipur are addicted to drugs and the internet and therefore have lost the values of family ties and church fellowship. The training I received at Beacon has prepared me thoroughly for the ministry among the youth. I am able to counsel HIV positive youth also.

It's exciting how Athina received the life-changing news of the gospel at Beacon and will in turn take that news back to her home state where she will make disciples among her own people. She was equipped to do ministry where she won't experience language or culture barriers. It's spiritual multiplication at its finest.  


Beacon Baptist Theological College and Seminary in India prepares students for church ministry and missions through theological education.

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