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Fulfilling Heavenly and Earthly Fathers' Desires

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth just graduated from Beacon Baptist Theological Seminary in India.  She comes from an indigenous tribal community and didn’t know a word of English when she arrived on campus. She worked very hard to learn it since English is the medium of instruction at BBTS.  They use English because of the opportunities it opens up for students to further their education abroad and to continue their education personally by reading sound Christian literature, most of which is published in English.

At first, Elizabeth had to communicate with the seminary professors in Hindi.  She once called her parents and said, “Even the dogs on campus understand English, but I can’t.”  Her persistence paid off and by the end of her time at Beacon, she not only mastered English but was able to cross the language barriers of a people group of darkness to minister to them.

Fulfilling Her Dad’s Wishes, Even After His Death

During Elizabeth’s first year of seminary, she lost her best friend to cancer.  Elizabeth also tragically lost her father a few days before her finals and graduation.  The president of Beacon, Dr. Satish, and his wife Helen prayed with her in their office and told her that if she needed to go home to see her family she could.  But Elizabeth stayed until the finish.

My father wanted me to graduate and I want to fulfill his desire of me completing the courses and serving our God.

Elizabeth’s father was a poor farmer, but he encouraged her in her goals. Nothing deterred her from fulfilling both her heavenly Father’s and her earthly father’s desire for her life. Elizabeth also completed a ministry internship by serving in Beacon’s Village Ministry among people groups of darkness.

A Call to Say “Thank You”

A few months after Elizabeth graduated and returned home to begin her life of ministry, she called to thank Helen for teaching the course on “Teaching Process.”  Elizabeth said she was able to effectively minister to children by applying the methodology and principles Helen had taught her. The in-class practicals gave her the opportunity to fine-tune her teaching skills which are of great value in her village ministry.

Elizabeth is one of many students who was financially helped by Beacon’s scholarship fund during their studies. She’s an example of how worthy such an investment can be.


Beacon Baptist Theological College and Seminary in India prepares students for church ministry and missions through theological education.

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