How God used Ahcha to Spread the Gospel

Ahcha Akha

Amazingly, Akha people from all over Asia come to Akha Missionary Bible Seminary in Thailand each year. This seminary is a main ministry of the Church Planting Among the Akha People project. And that’s were many Akhas experience the life-changing power of the gospel for the first time!

Ahcha’s Life Transformed

Ahcha is an Akha who grew up in Laos, living like the 400,000 other Akha people who keep the Akha religion (animism). But in August 2010, God brought Ahcha to Thailand with three other friends.

One of the leaders of the Akha outreach ministry describes what happened next:

After one month with us at our Bible school, all of their lives changed. They accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. We brought them to the river and baptized them before they went back home to Laos.

Ahcha Spreads the Gospel Among Akhas

These new believers didn’t let their faith stop there. They went home and told the others in their village about Christ. After the first few months, 10 Akha people became Christian.

Then Ahcha and his three friends did the same thing to these new believers that the seminary leaders did to them—they led them to a river to be baptized!

Akha baptism

The Mission of Akha Missionary Bible Seminary

This seminary purposes to bring pastors, leaders, missionaries, and new believers from different countries to the Bible school. The school teaches them and founds them on sound doctrine and then sends these Akha people back to their own countries to reach their people and communities.

But as the Lord’s providence allows, sometimes its at the seminary that an unbeliever, like Ahcha, becomes a believer for the first time! Praise God for His wisdom and mercy.

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