Who Graduates from Bangladesh Theological Seminary?


This past summer, Bangladesh Theological Seminary graduated six students from the Bible college and one student from the seminary. These seven men are graduating equipped with solid theological training and they are ready to make disciples among their own people in Bangladesh! It’s spiritual multiplication at its finest.

It’s amazing to hear the stories of where these graduates came from, how the Lord saved them, and what He has called them to now that their education is over. Here are six of their testimonies:


I came to the Lord from a Hindu family through Dr. John (the founder of Bangladesh Theological Seminary) in the year 2000. I have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and I was baptized in the year 2001. Now I am working as a pastor. I have a wife and two children. Please pray for me and my family.


I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior in 1999 and I was baptized in 2000. Now I am serving the Lord Jesus Christ through children’s ministry at my church.


I was born in a Hindu family. I am married. I have no children. I came to Christ by reading John 3:16. I was baptized in 2001. Now I am working as a project manager with a Christian organization and I’m also a deacon of our church.


I have been studying at the Bible college for many years and I’m thankful to God for this opportunity for my life as well as my personal ministry. I am working among the tribal people. Please pray for me and my ministry.


I came from a Hindu background. Now I am a pastor at my church. Keep me in your faithful prayer.


I came from a Hindu family. Now I am working as a pastor. I have been studying at the Bible college off and on since 2008. Pray for me so hat I can faithfully work for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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About Bangladesh Theological Seminary

Bangladesh Theological Seminary was the first established seminary in Bangladesh, started in 1990 by a man named Dr. John. Dr. John is from Bangladesh and has studied at a seminary in the United States. He has a passion to train national leaders to share the gospel with their own people.

Leaders of the seminary have also started a bible college where pastors of small local villages go for training, which is meeting a deep need in Bangladesh. Before, many of the pastors had great evangelistic fervor but lacked solid Bible training.

The leaders of the Seminary and Bible College have also started an orphanage to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of orphans in Bangladesh. The hope is to raise these children up to know and love Jesus and to instill in them a desire to reach their people with the good news of Jesus Christ.